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Lynn's Skywatch:
Planetary Illuminations for January 2013

1/1 Mercury sextile Neptune
1/3 Mercury square Neptune
       Venus opposite Ceres
1/4 Mars trine Jupiter
       Mercury sextile Chiron
1/6 Mercury conjunct Pluto
       Mercury sextile Saturn
1/7 Mars square Saturn
1/9 Venus enters Capricorn
1/10 Venus sextile Neptune
1/11 New Moon 22 Capricorn 2:44 pm
1/12 Venus square Uranus
1/14 Venus sextile Chiron
1/15 Jupiter square Chiron
1/16 Venus conjunct Pluto
1/17 Venus sextile Saturn
1/18 Sun conjunct Mercury
1/19 Mercury enters Aquarius
       Sun enters Aquarius
1/20 Mars trine Ceres
1/22 Mercury sextile Uranus
       Mercury trine Jupiter
1/24 Sun sextile Uranus
1/25 Mercury square Saturn
       Sun trine Jupiter
1/26 Full Moon 7 Leo 6:45 pm
1/30 Jupiter turns direct
       Mercury trine Ceres
       Sun square Saturn

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Having survived the dreaded end of the Mayan calendar, we now find ourselves looking down the lens of humanity’s future. I have often written that I believe we are now in the transition point as we enter the Age of Aquarius. More articles here.

Over the next three years we will continue to wrestle with issues of transformation and change as Uranus (radical change and innovation) continues to face off against Pluto (destruction and regeneration). But there are positive influences at work as well this year including a number of harmonious transits of Saturn (creating new form) and Jupiter (expanding our sense of what is possible). There is no doubt that change is happening, and we have seen that in our own lives since Pluto changed signs in 2008 and set off the Cardinal Climax over the next few years.

The sextile between Saturn and Pluto is waning, but it is still in effect for most of the month. This is a harmonious aspect that enhances our ability to create new forms (Saturn) around the changes that are rewriting our lives from the inside out (Pluto). Under this influence our changing environment begins to reflect the transforming selves within and help to bring us into greater integration and inner alignment.

There are no challenging exact alignments of outer planets again this month, so the planetary movements are faster and less intense as a rule. This article is late this month because of personal matters so I will begin the analysis on January 6th.


Mercury has been active since the beginning of the month, and this is particularly true on January 6th with a conjunction to Pluto and a sextile to Saturn. Mental activities are highlighted now, and this is especially good for writers since Mercury is in Capricorn and better able to concentrate than at some other times.

However, Mars (aggression and force) aligns in a challenging square to Saturn on January 7th, introducing the potential of obstacles (Saturn) that stand in the way of our achieving our desires (Mars). Saturn’s role is to ensure that there is a solid foundation before our goals are met, and under this aspect which lasts only a day or two it will be most helpful to create a solid plan to demonstrate to Saturn that our wishes and desires are grounded in reality rather than fancy.

Venus enters Capricorn on January 9th where it tends to be more practical and responsible to those around us, but a harmonious sextile from Venus to Neptune on January 10th will open doors to creativity and romance. This aspect lasts only a day or so, but it is embedded in the chart of the Capricorn New Moon on January 11th.

This New Moon features a lineup of five planets and luminaries in Capricorn within 20 degrees, which is a fairly tight alignment. Capricorn demands that we plant both of our feet firmly on the ground so that the practicalities of life can be tended to and success can result. The Capricorn New Moon is the perfect times to begin a new business, or a new business project. If you haven’t set your goals for 2013 yet, this Capricorn New Moon offers abundant blessings, although it will be important not to allow deception to overcome the practical realities since Jupiter (hope and optimism) is challenged by Neptune (illusion) over the week or so following the New Moon.

Still, with Jupiter in an exact square to Chiron (wounding and healing) on the day of the New Moon, there is potential for past wounds to emerge to the surface so that they can be processed and healed. This could include insecurities surrounding success and fears of failure, which are important blockages that require attention before success can manifest.

Uranus (radical behavior and independence) is in a challenging square not only to Pluto but also to Venus at that time, so there is a sense that under this New Moon influence a sense of autonomy will be important in order to foster the practical realities of the Capricorn energies.

These influences extend for several days beyond the New Moon, well through the 16 th and 17 th of the month. On the 16th our relationships may be challenged as Venus conjoins Pluto, demanding nothing less than true and genuine communication with those around us. Attention to Truth will help to relax any stress that arises during this time.

The Sun conjoins Mercury on the 18th, with both planets at the 29 th degree of Capricorn ready to move into Aquarius on the 19th. This transition from Capricorn to Aquarius takes us from a rooted approach to life as a practical project to be mastered to a more expanded vision of ideal scenarios to be achieved and celebrated. In traditional astrology the conjunction of the Sun to Mercury is called “combust” and thought to be a detrimental influence, but I have not found that to be the case. The Sun illuminates the mind (Mercury) and forces shadows out of the darkness.

A trine from Mars to Ceres on the 20th encourages us to pay close attention to the food that we eat and the balance that we are providing for our bodies to nurture our spiritual experience in human form.

Mercury is reactivated on the 22nd with harmonious aspects to Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of expansion and innovation. This is a beautiful time for writers and imagineers of all kinds since the mind is expanded and able to embrace a new world of possibilities, and this new world is expanded on the 24th when the Aquarian Sun harmonizes with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. Mercury squares Saturn on the 25th which brings us back to earth to a certain extent, but a harmonious trine from the Sun to Jupiter continues the expansion process even if there is slightly less excitement in the air due to the Saturnian influence of pragmatic realism.

January 26 brings the Full Moon in Leo, the sign in which we celebrate our unique individuality but balance that against the transpersonal influence of the Aquarius Sun. The Aquarius/Uranus theme continues to exert a powerful influence since Uranus forms a harmonious sextile to the Sun and trine to the Moon in the Full Moon, offering a doorway of ascension and expanded consciousness.

Meanwhile Jupiter, which has been stationary as it prepares to change direction, also harmonizes with the Sun and the Moon as well as Uranus, so there is a continued opening vortex of expansion. This is a major change from the earlier Capricorn practicality that we saw earlier in the month, although Saturn forms a square to the lunation and maintains an anchored presence in the midst of cosmic awareness. Jupiter is especially powerful now since it is preparing to change direction on the 30th and meanwhile is at a virtual standstill in the sky, shining a beam of positive energy in our direction.

What a great conclusion to the month. Enjoy!!