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Lynn's Skywatch:
Planetary Illuminations for June 2013

image from Astrosignum

6/1 Sun sextile Uranus
6/2 Venus enters Cancer
6/3 Mercury trine Neptune
6/4 Sun squares Chiron
6/7 Neptune turns retrograde
       Venus trine Neptune
       Venus trine Saturn
       Mercury opposite Pluto
       Mars square Neptune
6/8 New Moon 18 Gemini 11:59 am
       Mercury square Uranus
6/10 Mercury trine Chiron
6/11 Venus opposite Pluto
       Saturn trine Neptune
6/12 Venus square Uranus
6/14 Venus trine Chiron
6/16 Chiron turns retrograde
6/17 Mars sextile Uranus
6/19 Sun conjunct Jupiter
       Mars square Chiron
6/20 Mercury conjunct Venus
6/21 Sun enters Cancer (Summer Solstice) 1:04 am
6/23 Full Moon 2 Capricorn 4:33 am
6/25 Jupiter enters Cancer
6/26 Sun trine Saturn
       Mercury turns retrograde
       Sun trine Neptune
6/27 Venus enters Leo

All dates and times are for the Eastern time zone; please adjust for your own locality.  For daily planetary news, visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.


As June begins we see the influence of the square between Uranus and Pluto begin to wane somewhat, but the two will not see more than two degrees of separation until the end of the year. This clash between revolutionary rebellion (Uranus) and destruction and regeneration (Pluto) will continue throughout the year but in June there are quite a few more harmonious planetary interactions that will provide support and help to facilitate the process of change that is inevitable under this influence.  Read more about the Uranus Pluto square here.

Chiron and Neptune both turn retrograde this month, at which point there will be four retrograde planets (Saturn and Pluto are both already retrograde). We have been in a relatively rare period over the past few months where there have been only one or two planets traveling retrograde (meaning they APPEAR to move backwards from our perspective here on earth). When a planet is said to be retrograde its operation is more internalized - more personal if you will. When there are fewer retrogrades life chugs on at a faster pace… retrograde planets tend to slow things down and force us to look back into the past so that we can revise our viewpoint.

As a planet prepares to turn retrograde its motion slows down to a crawl and its influence is more powerful, especially if that planet is affecting our own chart directly. Chiron and Neptune made a powerful alignment between 2009 and 2012 or so, exposing our ancient and painful wounds (Chiron) and inspiring us to transcend the day to day realities of the material world (Neptune) so that real soul growth could occur. They have separated since then, but as they both turn retrograde within days of each other the echoes of that cycle will necessitate release and soul growth through letting go of the past.

Mercury will turn retrograde on the 26th of June for its quarterly three-week revision period. While Mercury is retrograde the world operates differently and our attention must be refocused so that we can more effectively move through the details of our life. This is why Mercury retrograde periods have the reputation of creating snafus, but the retrograde process is crucial to deepening our wisdom and paying closer attention to our life as it whizzes by.


Most of the planetary interactions during June are the faster moving dances of the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars. Four planets are in Gemini which is a sign where everything moves a little more quickly anyway, so during the first few days in June the mind is very active and we seek more stimulation than usual.

June 1st brings a harmonious sextile from the Sun to Uranus, along with potential surprise and a sudden event that awakens us to something new. New ideas are flowing under this influence, so carry a pen and paper with you on the 1st and 2nd of the month.

Venus leaves chatty Gemini for Cancer on June 2nd. For the next few weeks caring for loved ones seems more important, and we ourselves are much more sensitive in our interactions with others. When Venus is in Cancer we are more sensitive to lunar events which stimulate changes of mood and emotional ups and downs. There is a Grand Trine in Water right now that unites Saturn, Neptune and Venus in a flow of emotional freedom that continues throughout the New Moon on the 8th.

Mercury aligns with Neptune in a trine formation on June 3rd, and for a day before and after the imagination is stimulated and creativity abounds. This is a good time for spiritual work or meditation as the veils that cloud our inner vision become more transparent.

A challenging square from the Sun to Chiron on June 4th illuminates a painful truth or awakens a dormant memory that is seeking healing and greater understanding. This aspect lasts for only a day or so but during this time there are great clues hidden in any emotional discomfort that arises.

Neptune turns retrograde on June 7th. In actuality the retrograde turn of Neptune takes a few days because it is such a slow moving planet, and during this time we may feel foggy or confused as Neptune blurs our outer vision and clarifies our inner sight. The 7th is very busy astrologically with Venus (relating) interacting harmoniously with both Neptune and Saturn, helping to inspire creativity (Venus/Neptune) and responsibility and commitment (Venus/Saturn). At the same time, Mercury (the mind) opposes Pluto (intensity and obsession) which may make it difficult to let go of a grudge or an idea that is not helpful. And Mars, planet of desire and aggression, is in a challenging square to Neptune which casts a blanket of confusion over the whole cocktail.

This busy roller coaster of emotions will last for a few days, likely from the 5th until the 9th or so which means it will affect the Gemini New Moon on June 8th. New Moons are times to make a new start and it can be helpful to see where the New Moon falls in your own chart since that is the area of life where the New Moon is most likely to have an impact. The Gemini New Moon is about communication and understanding. Gemini is hungry for knowledge and curious about a wide variety of things. The mind is quite active under the Gemini influence, and the business of the other planetary interactions could make it difficult to concentrate or relax.

This is especially true because Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, is in a challenging square to Uranus, the Great Awakener. Conflicts and arguments may arise at this New Moon and a conscious focus that unites the mind with the heart will be helpful. This is a wonderful New Moon for doing vision work since the imagination is quite active and the mind is open to new ideas.

In this lunation the Sun and Moon are both in a challenging square to Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, opening up the doorway to the inner heart so that it can open and communicate with the mind and foster greater body wisdom. The watery Grand Trine is culminating now, creating a flow that will facilitate the opening of the heart if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open.

Following the New Moon, Mercury (mental activity) aligns in a harmonious trine to Pluto (deep insights) on the 10th which can activate an awareness as we see beneath the superficial to a new Truth that lies underneath.

Venus interacts with the Uranus/Pluto square on the 11th which can expose some of the darker and less pleasant facets of our relationships (Pluto) and cause instability in our relationships as we seek our own autonomy. Jealousy and envy can arise, but this can be a time of heightened sexual connection and intimacy as well as provide ideas for awakening stale feelings.

By the 14th any relationship challenges will be healed as Venus harmonizes with Chiron and helps to heal any old wounds that arose during the stress of the previous few days. Still, with Chiron turning retrograde on June 16th the emphasis is on releasing emotions that have become stuck in the psyche and block the flow of energy.

Between June 17th and the 20th is another astrologically active time. Mars excites Uranus into action and brings new ideas to fruition. The Sun aligns with Jupiter and expands our confidence and sense of well-being. Mars squares Chiron, irritating the sore spots in the psyche and creating emotional stress. And Mercury conjoins Venus, smoothing out the rough edges with harmonious interpersonal connections and a desire for harmony. This is another emotional roller coaster – just remember to breathe and let the energy of emotion flow. The astrological weather will change quickly during this period and you can be the calm in the center of the storm.

The Sun enters Cancer just after midnight on June 21st at the Summer Solstice and is followed by the Capricorn Full Moon on June 23rd. At the Capricorn Full Moon the Capricorn Moon opposes the Sun in Cancer. Cancer is itself ruled by the Moon, so this Full Moon awakens the lunar instincts and highlights the stress between our need to nurture and care for others and find our tribe (Cancer) and the pressure to make something of ourselves in the world (Capricorn).

At this Full Moon there is a wide but still active connection to Uranus and Pluto, awakening (Uranus) and requiring depth and focus (Pluto). When Pluto’s pressure to delve below the surface is tied to lunar symbology it often takes us into contact with our ancestral lineage and our inherited psychological legacy.

The Sun ties into the trine between Saturn and Neptune, creating a Grand Trine that encourages a harmonious flow of emotion, and a conjunction of Mercury to Venus helps to facilitate communication. This Grand Trine lasts from the Solstice through the end of the month.

Around this time Mercury is slowing down in preparation for its retrograde turn so it will be wise to start paying closer attention to things that you say, instructions that you have to read, contracts that must be signed.

Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25th where it will remain for about a year. Jupiter is said to be exalted in Cancer because it is comfortable there. The emotional needs of Cancer are great, and Jupiter can expand to meet those needs. I will be writing more about this in the coming days so watch the Astrological Musings blog.

The culmination of the Grand Trine just as Mercury turns retrograde will help us to focus and be alert which can help to delay some of the well known Mercury retrograde effects. And after the 27th when Venus enters Leo our social lives will become much more active. Venus in Leo seeks pleasure and fun and is less concerned with caring for others.

The month of June provides us with a much needed rest from the planetary intensity earlier in the year.