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Lynn Hayes has been a practicing astrological consultant in beautiful North Carolina for over 30 years, working with clients all over the world both in person and by phone. She focuses on therapeutic and healing approaches which encourage greater empowerment and personal growth. She is available for personal consultations (see the readings tab on this website).

Congratulations Reese Witherspoon!!!

Reese Witherspoon walked away with the Best Actress trophy at the Oscars the other night, making this the perfect time to profile her. I first saw Reese in Pleasantville, where I was struck with her presence and magnetism that seemed far too great for a person of her young years. The next film where she really impressed me was Election, where her bright beam lit up the entire movie. I had a feeling that her obsessively driven character in that film wasn’t far from the real Reese Witherspoon.

Reese Witherspoon’s birthchart shows an Aries Sun, ruled by Mars, and her Sun also squares Mars giving her energy, vitality and courage, and also making her a little reckless and headstrong. We call this a “double whammy,” which tells us that Mars is particularly important in Reese’s chart. Women with such a strong Mars/Aries influence can be perceived as overbearing, because the power of Mars isn’t well suited to traditional patriarchal views of women. In Reese, though, this power comes in a perky little blonde package that sneaks up on you before her true Xena (warrior princess) nature is revealed just as with her Legally Blonde character.

The fact that Mars is square to her Sun, a challenging aspect, reveals that she may have difficulty controlling her impulses. Anger, impatience, frustration are all hallmarks of a Mars square, but when harnessed and disciplined there is enormous drive as well. Reese’s Sun is opposed (180 degrees) by Pluto – a challenging aspect that adds intensity and a level of compulsion (Pluto) to her character, and forces her to continually reinvent and transform herself. Pluto also squares Mars, although it is “wide” (9 degrees apart). This shows an individual who never feels that she can really […]

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Venus Enters Aquarius as Jupiter Retrogrades

Venus changed signs last weekend, leaving the compassionate sign of Pisces and entering the more rational Aquarius. Venus affects our dealings with others, and the way we feel about ourselves. In Aquarius Venus is depersonalized; the importance of the collective becomes more important than individual expressions of affection.

However, with Jupiter in square to Neptune as it has been since January, there is a blurring (Neptune) of ideals and values (Jupiter) that renders all of our interactions pretty fuzzy right now. In Aquarius, Venus will seek to advance the agenda of the collective at large rather than individuals, but with the influence of the Jupiter/Neptune square this becomes confused. What is the collective? Who are the alliances? We see this on the world stage with global relationships. The US was allied with Pakistan. Suddenly after Bush’s foray into India last week, Bush is now allied with India and appears to be less supportive of Pakistan. Australia suddenly announces it will begin selling Uranium to India. Factions in Iraq fail to unite to call a parliament.

Also this weekend, Jupiter turned retrograde (appeared to move backward from our perspective here on earth). When planets turn retrograde, we become more focused on issues important to that planet. In its most positive form Jupiter deals with issues of values, philosophies, opportunities, expansion. When retrograde, we tend to see ALL shades of a planet’s functions, not just the positive ones. Consequently, we are most likely to see Jupiter’s self-righteousness and overconfidence. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and with Pluto (destruction and transformation) having been in Sag since 1995 we have been witness to an increasing tendency towards religious and cultural (Sag/Jupiter) war and conflict (Pluto). With […]

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The New Marc Maron Show!!

My sister Jill is a rabid Marc Maron fan. From the early days of his show Morning Sedition on Air America radio, she was singing the praises of Marc Maron, who she calls the Funniest Man in America. So when she asked me to do a profile for him and his new show of course I said yes. The fact that she promised to peddle links to Astrological Musings everywhere she could didn’t hurt either!

According to his publicist:

“Marc Maron is a stand-up comic by trade but his performance style is anything but the typical set-up-punchline formula. Maron engages his audience as a storyteller with an intelligence that digs deep into subjects, illuminating common truths that usually go unseen. There is a thought provoking excitement watching Maron take the risks of uncharted territory and riffing on subjects ranging from corporate domination of the planet to why the cooking channel is the only pure television. He always manages to ride that fine line.”

Marc has been quoted as saying he is a serious person by nature, and uses his comedy as a cathartic tool. Marc has a Libra Sun and Venus, showing that relationships are critically important to him. Libras are unhappy if they have to operate alone: they prefer to be in partnership with others and their very sense of self tends to be tied up in the state of their relationships. However, Marc also has Jupiter in Aries, the warrior sign, giving him a great deal of personal power and ability to assert himself (Aries) into all arenas. In addition, he has the tenacity of Mars (drive) in intense Scorpio, a fixed sign that is intensely passionate. Jupiter in Marc’s chart is retrograde, showing that he may not always take advantage of opportunities (Jupiter) that […]

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Pluto and the Galactic Center

galactic-centerPluto will conjunct the Galactic Center this year for the first time in 248 years. The Galactic Center is the center around which a spiral galaxy such as our own galaxy, the Milky Way, rotates, in the center of which may be a “Black Hole. Although the conjunction will not be exact until December 28, Pluto is within 1 degree of this conjunction all year. Because of the rarity of this event, it could have great significance and astrologers are widely discussing its possible meaning.

Pluto last approached the Galactic Center in 1758, the year of the discovery of Halley’s comet. The 1750s were an enormous time of change, with the reshaping of the European continent during the Seven Years war, and the expansion of the United States during the French/Indian War. 1758 saw the publication of the first treatise on the Atomic Theory, termed one of the most important theories in the history of science.

There is some evidence that the Mayans studied the alignment of the Galactic Center in their astronomical work. They knew its location and had a glyph for it called “Hunab Ku.”

Hunab Ku was, to the Mayas, the supreme God and ultimate Creator. It represented the gateway to other Galaxies beyond our Sun as well as all of the Consciousness that has ever existed in this Galaxy. Hunab Ku, according to the Mayas, is also the Consciousness which organized all matter, from a “whirling disk”, into stars, planets and solar systems. Hunab Ku is the “Mother Womb” which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it gave birth to our own Sun and Planet Earth. They also believed that the “Creator” directs everything that happens in our Galaxy from its center through the emanation […]

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Mercury Retrograde Alert!!

( graphic borrowed from

Mercury turns retrograde on March 2, 3:30 pm EST.

Because planets travel at different speeds, sometimes they appear to move backwards as we observe them from our vantage point on Earth. Astronomers call this “retrograde motion.” The principle is similar to the effect of passing a slower moving vehicle on the highway: as you pass it, it appears to be moving backward when actually you are moving forward. This phenomenon puzzled ancient astronomers, who called the planets “wanderers.” As the planets appear to slow before the retrograde turn, they appear to stop as they reach what is called a “stationary” point before turning around. This is similar in effect to what happens if a car turns around – it must slow down before making the turn, and while turning it remains at the same point for some time before traveling again.

While Mercury is in retrograde motion, it tends to operate on a more internalized level. This can sometimes cause problems in the outside world, but can be wonderful times for self-examination and discovery. Retrograde cycles have three phases: The stationary retrograde phase, where Mercury appears to slow down and stop before the reverse turn; the retrograde phase, where the reverse action continues, and the stationary direct phase where Mercury slows down once more before making it’s final turn.

We are currently in the stationary retrograde phase, and you may have already noticed some difficulties in communication which will become more pronounced as we approach the retrograde point on March 2 . Miscommunication is common, appointments are confused. I think you said one thing, it turns out you said another. Equipment malfunctions are common, particularly technological […]

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