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Mercury retrograde in the news


I love it when people say Mercury retrograde has no effect in the real world.  Just yesterday I was on the phone trying to schedule an appointment to get my car serviced and the dealer’s computer went down.  And then my postman went on a rampage about incorrect box numbers.  And we were unable to get a payoff for a real estate closing which had to be delayed. Elsewhere in the news: Facebook’s website went down on Thursday, creating panic for millions of addicted users. In New York City a power […]

Sunday inspiration for Mercury retrograde

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”   –Dr. Seuss   We can think of Mercury Retrograde periods as times when we look through the wrong end of the telescope.  This can seem to us like a “mistake,” or we can take another view and find richness in the experience of a different […]

Living successfully through Mercury retrograde periods


Mercury turns retrograde June 7, and you may have already noticed that communication is getting wonky and glitches are everywhere.  Yesterday a client’s phone service was temporarily terminated in the middle of our consultation which is an everyday type of occurrence when Mercury is retrograde.  (If you missed my posts on retrogrades you can catch up here and learn more about the positive aspects of retrograde planetary cycles.) Conventional wisdom instructs us not to make any big decisions or sign contracts when Mercury is retrograde.  Yet Mercury retrogrades for three weeks four […]

About Retrogrades

I’m in the process of migrating old articles to the blog platform, here’s a chance to catch up on some oldies but goodies.  The study of astrology looks at the motion of the planets in the solar system from our perspective here on earth, and because of anomalies in the orbits of the planets, occasionally during their travels around the sun they appear to move backwards. As a planet turns retrograde, it appears to slow down gradually until it appears to be almost standing still. This is called “making a […]

Catching up and letting go – another personal story of Mercury retrograde

They say that bloggers should never apologize for a lack of posts, but some of you have been with me for years and the past few months is the first time I have ever gone more than a few days without posting.  It turns out that losing your mother is harder than I thought, and when you combine that with a resurgent real estate market (in my other life I own a small real estate company), there has literally been no time to breathe. All of this really combined to […]

Mercury retrograde, and a Virgo Full Moon: February 2013


Mercury turns retrograde today (February 23) and it’s time to go over the things we’ve done in the past in order to help perfect our future. Mercury is in Pisces now where it tends to be more adaptable and flexible and doesn’t mind reversing itself in order to improve the flow of our lives so this retrograde period may not be as difficult as some others. Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks four times a year, so it is not a rare event.  I like to think of retrograde periods […]

Mercury and Uranus turn retrograde in tandem

sky god

You might want to read about the concept of “higher octave planets” if you missed that post before reading this one. Uranus will turn retrograde early in the morning on the 14th EDT (late morning GMT) and Mercury will turn retrograde late in the evening EDT on the 15th (early morning on the 16th GMT). Planets of course don’t really change direction, but astrology is person-centered. We are the center of our own universe, and that is how we observe the planets astrologically.  Sometimes the movement of the planets appears to […]

Thoughts on the upcoming Mercury retrograde


This Mercury retrograde period may be more challenging than some, especially during the first week (beginning around now until the 18th of December when Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius. Mercury is in Capricorn now, where it wants to organize things and achieve something important.  Capricorn is all about goals and success, and it is not well-suited to the retrograde periods of Mercury which require reflection and a more inward focus that stimulates the subtle mind rather than the mental realm. Mercury turns retrograde at about 5 degrees Capricorn, tightly conjunct […]

“The Personals Meet the Transpersonal” and other Planetary news

Thanks to KT The Astrologer for posting this lovely article on the conjunction right now of Uranus to Mercury and Venus (perhaps that’s why most of my day has been spent dealing with malfunctioning telecommunications equipment??): It can be a very interesting time when a personal planet conjuncts a transpersonal planet in the sky as both are functioning from very different levels. So when they meet it’s like the college student and the 2nd grader working on the same project. This is what is happening on the 27th and 28th, […]

Mercury direct tonight

Mark your calendars! Mercury turns direct tonight and will begin to pick up speed next week to help things move forward a bit. At that point only Saturn will be in retrograde motion and it’s a rarity for there to be just one planet retrograde.