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From the archives: Mercury Retrograde podcast


Back in 2010 and 2011 I did a radio show on Blog Talk Radio and with Mercury Retrograde I thought it would be a good time to download the shows and start reposting them.  There were some fun shows, and it’s actually inspired me to start the show up again.  Meanwhile though, I thought you might enjoy listening to this show on Mercury retrograde.  The end of the show is a call-in portion where people ask questions about their own charts. Enjoy!    

On the radio this morning: The breakthrough show

The Musings on Astrology show on Blog Talk Radio happens (nearly) every Sunday at 11 am.  This week’s show celebrates the conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus that culminated yesterday, and the power of these planets to facilitate breakthroughs. Breakthroughs are sometimes ecstatically thrilling, but sometimes they can be frightening if we don’t feel ready or if we’re holding on to something from the past.  Today we’ll talk about ways to break down the blocks that keep us from moving forwards in our lives. I’ll also talk a bit about the […]

On the radio: The Pluto Power show!

The Musings on Astrology show on Blog Talk Radio happens (nearly) every Sunday at 11 am.  This week’s show is focused on Pluto. Pluto represents death, and endings, and the new beginnings that arise out of the destruction and elimination of something that has passed away. Pluto is very powerful during the month of September as it slows down in preparation for its change of direction in mid-month. This provides us with a great deal of energy to push through obstacles, and we’ll discuss methods for doing just that. We […]

Mercury Retrograde, August 2010: What is it good for?

On the radio this morning (Sunday) at 11 am Eastern:  Mercury Retrograde: What is it good for? Every planetary cycle has a purpose, and Mercury Retrograde cycles are no different.  The purpose isn’t just to create chaos and disturbance in our life!  So what do we need to know about Mercury Retrograde, and how can we best utilize this time? We’ll be discussing all this and more on the Musings on Astrology radio talk show this morning.  To listen live, just click the player below when the show starts (before […]

On the radio Sunday morning: Uranus completes its path through Pisces

Uranus, planet of radical change and innovation, re-entered Pisces yesterday as it traveled back through time to pick up any lost pieces left behind.  What does this mean for the Cardinal Drama, and what kinds of experiences are we likely to encounter? We’ll be discussing these things on the Musings on Astrology radio show Sunday morning at 11 am Eastern.  There will also be time for you to call in with questions about your own chart (starting with first-time callers please!).  To listen live, click the link below at or […]

On the radio Sunday morning: The relationship show

?In this show we will focus on relationships and will be fully devoted to your calls. Normally we don’t have time in the call-in section to discuss relationships in depth, so in this show you’ll be invited to call in with questions now only about your own chart, but about your loved one’s chart as well. Please have at least their birth date ready when you call. ? The call-in number is 646-478-5731. These calls are best suited to a particular question – there is not time in the show […]

On the radio this morning: The climax of the Cardinal Drama and what comes next

The worst of the astrological storm is over, and in today’s radio show we’ll be looking ahead at the upcoming planetary cycles that will carry us into the next phase.  How can we use this powerful energy we’ve been experiencing?  What steps can we take to bring lasting change into our lives where alterations are necessary?  These are some of the things we’ll be talking about in today’s radio show. I’ll be taking calls about halfway through the show, beginning with first-time callers.  The number to call is 646-478-5731. To […]

Astrological musings radio today: Chiron, the shamanic healer

Chiron is preparing to turn retrograde so it is most powerful now as it slows down at the zero degree of Pisces and prepares to complete its passage through Aquarius. Chiron’s process of healing is a shamanic one that takes us to the root of all of our fears and emotional pain, inspiring us to transmute the darkness into light. We’ll be talking about how you can use Chiron as an ally, and what the completion of the Chiron journey through Aquarius could mean for each of us. There will […]

On the radio Sunday morning: The July 11 eclipse show

For this show I’ll be discussing ways to harness the energy of a New Moon or a Solar eclipse to set powerful intentions, and I also want to talk a bit about breaking free from the beliefs that hold us back.  You won’t find this mentioned in the blurb for the show on Blog Talk Radio, but conversations I’ve had over the past week inspired me. To listen live, click on the player below at 11 am Sunday morning (EDT), or after the show you’ll find it archived in this […]