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January Planetary Illuminations are posted

Happy New Year!  You can read the entire article here.  Meanwhile, here is an overview of the major events to get you started for the month. The New Year begins with a bang with the Capricorn New Moon, featuring a lineup of five planets tightly grouped in the sign of discipline and achievement.  Four of those planets and luminaries (Sun, Moon, Pluto and Mercury) are locked within a two degree range, which is very tight indeed.  The presence of Pluto empowers us to manifest and ground our dreams into reality, […]


Lynn went AWOL

Sorry folks, I had to travel to New Jersey to assist my sister who is having a big lineup of Mars, Venus and Pluto in her progressed chart and Pluto transiting her ascendant as well as her Saturn Return.  That is a lot for one person to handle and she just lost her husband yesterday after mourning our mother in December and her cat in June. So I am a bit behind.  I’m working on the Planetary Illuminations but can’t say when they will be delivered.  Sorry!  I will be […]


Pisces Full Moon, September 2013: Magic and Mundane come into balance

The Moon is full in Pisces on September 19th.  In the Full Moon the solar conscious principle is subsumed by the lunar instincts, and the light of the Moon is at its most powerful.  The Pisces Moon has the potential to take us more deeply into the inner reaches of our own hearts than ever before while the Virgo Sun demands that we find a way to root the mystical experience into a practical reality. Virgo and Pisces are in opposition (180 degrees) to each other.  The signs that are opposite each […]


Grand Sextile – the final bow


On August 31st the Moon in Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn, reuniting eight planets (including the Moon) plus the Lunar Nodes in a magical dance.  Echoing the Grand Sextile that occurred just a month ago, this alignment merges the powerful force of conflict and crisis with a more supportive and harmonious balance that facilitates the process of soul growth and evolution. We are nearing the midpoint of the challenging square (90 degree) alignment between Uranus and Pluto that began officially in June of 2012 but the energy really began forming […]


An incendiary time: bombings and inspiration

Uranus square Pluto: revolution and counter-attack As you may know if you follow this and other astrology writings, we are in the midst of a major planetary event: the opening square of a new Uranus/Pluto cycle.  Uranus represents the breaking apart of the established order – the rebellious force that resists conservatism and the status quo.  Pluto represents destruction and regeneration as well as power, and tends to create obsessive behavior in the sign through which it is traveling. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn now – the sign […]


The Zodiac and the Fixed Stars

Dharmaruci has written on a very interesting topic this morning: The accuracy of the zodiac. There’s more there too, like how the fixed stars work so well in astrological charts and a look at Hitler’s Mercury, but this is most relevant to me at the moment: I’ve lately been feeling more dissatisfied than usual with the imaginary nature of the zodiac in modern astrology. The planets are in real places, and their relationships with each other are real, but the constellations that are supposed to be behind them and influencing them are […]


Wildfires under Mars in Cancer

Because I see everything through the filter of astrological symbolism, I look for correlations. Still, I try not to see them where they don’t exist so I have hesitated to draw any astrological conclusions regarding the fires that are burning in southern California. A million people have been forced from their homes and thousands of homes have burned, with a billion dollars in property damage. Victoria Bazeley connects the wildfire to Mars in Cancer: “The fires in Southern California are equally literal in their astrological symbolism in the sense that […]


Pluto in Sag and Harry Potter’s Journey


In 1990 I became fascinated with druidry and neopagan ritual after reading Marion Zimmer’s amazing book The Mists of Avalon, and searched high and low for information on magic and witchcraft. During those pre-internet days, it was difficult to find what I was looking for. I happened on a women’s workshop taking place at the beach where I met a real witch and began studying with her. I had been playing with the tarot for years, and of course I was a professional astrologer by that time, but I fell […]


The Ides of March

The ides of each month were days in the approximate middle of the month – in March, May, July and October the ides fell on the 15th, and in other months the ides were the 13th. Until the solar calendar was adopted by Julius Caesar, the roman calendar was lunar based and the ides of the month corresponded to the full moons. The Full Moon and the Ides of the month were dedicated to Jupiter in his role as Lucetius, the Supreme Lightbringer, and the Ides have only come down […]


Privacy and the ethics of blogging

As an astrological counselor, I am a strong believer in the privacy of the clients who come to me for a consultation. I will never mention in casual conversation that so-and-so came to me for a reading, nor do I discuss the contents of their charts with others. So I was mortified to learn that a certain planetary combination recently discussed in this column was recognized by that client’s astrologer friends. There is so much that we can learn about astrology through the charts of others; yet in an environment […]