November’s Planetary Illuminations (Lynn’s Skywatch) is posted

My monthly report has been posted here in its entirety.  You can also sign up for my Skywatch newsletter in the sidebar and receive the article with a translation into English which is easier to understand. Also, for daily planetary cycles visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.

In the meantime, here is the introduction with an overview of the main planetary cycles in November.  Enjoy!

Three planets change direction in November: Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th for three weeks, and both Chiron and Neptune turn direct in mid-month. When planets appear to change direction from our perspective on Earth, they demand our attention and their influence can be quite strong as the planet appears to slow down before changing direction, just as a car does when making a U-turn. Mercury retrograde periods are famous for instigating communication and equipment breakdowns since our attention is drawn inwards and we tend to look backwards rather than forwards to make effective plans. When more than one planet changes direction, the quality of reversal and shifting reality becomes more pronounced.

Chiron and Neptune have been traveling in tandem since 2009, and they have been within five degrees of each other for nearly four years. During this time the Soul Teacher (as I call Neptune) and the Soul Healer (my name for Chiron) have worked together to bring the wounds of the subconscious and the spirit to the surface so that they can be healed and a deeper experience of Universal Oneness is the gift of these two planets. They will begin to separate now, but this month as they both change direction within a few days of each other we will likely encounter their lessons for one last time. Embracing painful wounds from the past so that they can be released is highlighted now so that we can continue to grow and evolve.

For the first two weeks of November the earth element is virtually unrepresented since there are no planets in earth signs other than Pluto. Earth is the element that grounds and stabilizes us, and with three planets changing direction and creating disequilibrium we are could find ourselves losing our footing and becoming unbalanced. Participating in activities that bring about an experience of grounding such as spending time outdoors in nature or doing physical labor that anchor us into the body.

Saturn makes the first of three harmonious trines to Chiron this month, a great ally in the process of healing and transmutation of wounds into light. The effect of this positive alliance will be felt all month making this a wonderful time for psychotherapy, shamanic journeys, inner pathworking.

We also will see the last eclipse pair of the year, with a total eclipse on November 13th at the Scorpio New Moon. It is generally thought that eclipses are most powerful where they can be seen with the naked eye, and this eclipse will not be visible anywhere but in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands. Still, the eclipse of the Sun by the Moon in Scorpio is bound to bring up issues of death and regeneration, encouraging us to dive deep into the underworld of the unconscious to find the treasures that are buried there.


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One Response to “November’s Planetary Illuminations (Lynn’s Skywatch) is posted”

  1. DebbieNovember 1, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    Thanks for the updates Lynn. I must admit, although I have honoured to the best I am able and hopefully that was well, my chiron return, I really REALLY am looking forward to him passing back over my 6 pisces 36 Chiron for the final time of what has felt like such a very long drawn out and sometimes excrutiatingly painful process, I am however feeling free of the emotional pain, the mental anguish and all the physical problems they were triggering are also easing, hopefully this last pass over will be a clean and clear one!