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The Nature of Grief and Astrological Cycles

Throughout this year, with Chiron and Neptune traveling together, many of my clients have called megrief.jpg with overwhelming feelings of grief.  Often there is an event that appears to have caused these intense emotions, but sometimes the feelings appear to stem from events that occurred long ago.  A client who had mourned the loss of her mother that happened nine years ago.  Another who grieved the loss of her first marriage many years ago.  Suddenly, after many years, the emotions welled up seemingly from nowhere to take over their lives.
From my article on the Chiron/Neptune conjunction:

When Chiron and Neptune are working together, they combine to assist with the work of the soul. The body, the mind, and the ego are all most interested in living a life well-grounded in the material world that offers the maximum of pleasure and the minimum of pain. The soul does not pursue pleasure and avoid pain; instead, there is an embrace of experiences that will assist us at the deepest level to completely learn the lessons that are presented to us so that we can release the past and move forward with greater wisdom.

Chiron facilitates this aspect of soul work by uncovering any wounded places that have been left unresolved so that we can be freed of the blocked energy that our unreleased wounds hold within the body/mind/spirit system. Neptune assists by reminding us that there is a world of experience that lies beyond the boundaries of the material world. Under the influence of Neptune we either open up to experiences of a powerful mystical nature, or else we become confused and deluded as the nature of our personal reality is blurred and we have nothing to replace it with. Neptune bestows creative genius and a spiritual connection to our Divine self as the physical world is transcended, or it can cause us to indulge in escapist and addictive behavior in an effort to escape the prison of our own mind.

Challenging astrological cycles do often coincide with painful events in our life, but whether the grief we feel is over a current loss or an old one, the feelings are the same.  Psychiatrists know that grief and emotional pain are stored in the psyche with the same intensity that they held during the original event.
Chiron has been a great teacher and guide for astrologers’ understanding about the nature of grief, but Saturn and Pluto play a role as well.
Under Saturn transits we are painfully aware of our faults, our loneliness, and the blocks that keep us from our happiness.  Saturn is associated with depression which has a different tonal quality than grief.
Under Pluto transits we often find ourselves facing unpleasant truths and frightening memories from our past, and Pluto can bring up deep and dark emotions that unlock doors to emotional pain.  But it’s Chiron that opens the doorways for the emotional pain that we store in our psyche to spring forth into the conscious mind where it can, with conscious focus and attention, be processed and released.
Often a client will ask me, “When will this be over?  Will I ever be happy again?”  They will say “I don’t want to ever feel this again.”  We spend our lives running from our pain, but the problem with that is as long as we run, the pain remains stored in our psyche and our bodies.  Later it may erupt in physical pain and nondiagnosable illness.
What is required is the courage to look into our own soul and open the doorway to the feelings, to see what they have to tell us and to teach us.  It’s not an easy path, but it’s the only way to wholeness.
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NASA Prepares to Shoot the Moon

On Friday, NASA’s LCROSS mission will crash a rocket into a crater on the lunar surface at 7:30 am Eastern time.  The mission is designed to search for surface water in the polar regions of the Moon that normally cannot be easily seen.
The “bombing” of the Moon has elicited a huge reaction from those of us who are sensitive to the impact of technology on the natural world.  There are “stop the bombing of the Moon” campaigns on Facebook and blogs, and many are weeping at the destruction of the Moon.  Meanwhile, scientists say that the impact of the rocket will be equivalent to two tons of TNT and hit the Moon at 5,600 miles per hour that will “create one more dimple on the moonscape.”
It’s no surprise that people are having an emotional reaction – the Moon in astrology represents the world of emotions and the feeling nature.  The Moon is our security – our instinctive reactions.  When we gaze up at a full Moon with wonder, we are connecting to it in an almost primal way, taking in the inspiration and magic just as humans have for millions of years.  So the idea that fellow humans are deliberately crashing rockets into the Moon gives us a feeling that we need to protect the Moon.
In looking at astrological correlations to this event, the question of where to draw the chart is an interesting one.  Do we draw it from the place the mission originated?  If we draw the chart for the moment of impact on the Moon, can we use a geocentric chart (from our perspective on earth)?  We can, if we want to see what the planetary energies are like and how they will affect US at the time of the event.
The astrological chart for the impact at 7:30 am on Friday October 9 shows the Sun in Libra.  The Moon itself is in Gemini, where it likes to exchange information, but it is in a waxing square to Uranus and Venus so there are likely to be some surprises (Uranus) that come from the mission, and some conflict (Moon square to Venus) and emotional disruption.
Mars (arguably representing the rocket) conjoins the lunar South Node.  This is not the first time that the Moon has been hit by an impact, and Mars on the South Node implies that there could be a discovery or revelation of these past events.  Conspiracy theorists have speculated for years that there is abundant evidence of previous settlements on the Moon, but I doubt that if anything is found it will be made known to us.
The Moon will be exactly trine Chiron as the rocket hits, which bodes well for the healing potential of the lunar body, and it is approaching a trine to Neptune which suggests that the Moon’s magic (Neptune)  will not be lost as a result of this event.
These space bodies are pretty tough and have been around for a long time, and with this basically positive astrological environment I think that we can relax and turn our worries to other matters where we can actually have an impact.
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Saturn has a “massive new ring”

Astronomers have found a new ring around Saturn that is associated with Phoebe, one of its moons.  This is the largest ring found to date on the solar system and completely dwarfs the image of the planet as we see it.
Interesting that when Uranus (new discoveries and anomalies) is opposite Saturn, paradigms about the very structure (Saturn) of the planet Saturn are overturned!
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“Cosmic rays have hit a space age high”

No, it’s not science fiction!!cosmic_rays.jpg

According to NASA, galactic cosmic rays have intensified 19% over the past 50 years.  Scientists believe that the cause of this increase is the solar minimum which began in 2007 and is still occurring.

The sun’s magnetic field is our first line of defense against these highly-charged, energetic particles. The entire solar system from Mercury to Pluto and beyond is surrounded by a bubble of magnetism called “the heliosphere.” It springs from the sun’s inner magnetic dynamo and is inflated to gargantuan proportions by the solar wind. When a cosmic ray tries to enter the solar system, it must fight through the heliosphere’s outer layers; and if it makes it inside, there is a thicket of magnetic fields waiting to scatter and deflect the intruder.

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Because of the solar minimum, the Sun has lost some of its power to deflect the cosmic rays from Earth.  Scientists say that there’s nothing to worry about, and that hundreds of years ago the force of the cosmic rays was much worse.  Still, a correlation between the influx of cosmic radiation and an increased risk of cancer has been shown in recent studies. Other scientists suggest that an increase in cosmic rays is also associated with an increase in genetic diversity and the mutation of species.
From an astrological point of view it will be interesting to see if the cosmic rays continue to accelerate when Uranus (electrical rays, technology and anything unusual) enters the fiery sign of Aries (warfare, fire, leadership, initiation).
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More on Letterman’s Birthchart and What is Rectification?

The other day I wrote on Dave Letterman’s chart as it affects his situation at the moment, embroiled in a blackmail scheme and needing to make major apologies to his wife and staff.  My anonymous commenter Chiron questioned the birth time of 6 am which has been put forth by the wonderful people at Astrodatabank which is now posted on and is listed with a Rodden rating of A.

Rectification is the art, or fantasy depending on how you look at it, of assigning a time of birth to a person where no birth time is known, using the astrological correlations with certain events in a person’s life.
Rectification is more reliable when we have a smaller time range, for example, if I know that someone was born in the afternoon I can generally narrow down the time using rectification methods.  But if we have no birth time, such as in the case of a celebrity, and we rectify based on what we THINK we know about that celebrity, we are not doing ourselves or the field of astrology any favors.
The example of what happened with Susan Boyle’s birthchart is a good one.  Susan Boyle, as you may recall, exploded into public view overnight.  Nothing was known about her, but when a birth time was found astrologers all over the world began publishing what we thought were extremely accurate portrayals of her birthchart using this birth time.  Unfortunately for us, that birth time turned out to be incorrect and the correct birth time did not appear to be so accurate based on what we assumed we knew about Susan Boyle.
That said, the 6 am time for Letterman comes from a staffer and from his biography so it is reasonably reliable although when I see a rounded-off time I am always somewhat skeptical.  Still, this time does set up a chart that appears to be accurate when we look at certain planetary transits to the angles (the angles are the ascendant and midheaven, and they are dependent upon the time of birth).
For example, in January of 2000 David Letterman was rushed to the hospital for quintuple bypass surgery.  At the time, his progressed Midheaven was exactly square to his progressed Sun within minutes.  The Sun, either in the birthchart or by progression, is nearly always implicated in diseases of the heart and aspects from the progressed Midheaven often indicate a major change in a person’s life.  The Midheaven also in some cases represents the father, and Letterman’s father died of a heart attack so this event certainly would have been a major turning point for him.
The timeline of the current extortion attempt is also reflected in the chart provided by Astrodatabank with the 6 am birthtime.  Letterman said Thursday night that three weeks before he was approached by the blackmailer.  At the time, transiting Mars (aggression) was conjunct his progressed ascendant (his public persona) and transiting Mercury (messages) was opposite Mars (war and defense) in his natal chart.  Any one of these events could have brought about an event of aggression, but the combination of the two would have accelerated the drama of the event.
Shortly thereafter, on September 20, transiting Mars made a challenging square to his progressed Moon, threatening his security and that of his family (Moon) but at the same time, transiting Chiron (wounding and healing) was in a harmonious trine to his Sun (Self), facilitating his desire to work through the problem rather than allow it to bury him in disgrace.
Mars has been very active throughout the period from September 14th to the present, activating Letterman’s chart and energizing him for the conflict to come.  But what clinches the deal for me is that on October 1st when Letterman made the announcement, transiting Mars (conflict) sat right on the Nadir of the chart, opposite the Midheaven which is the point at which we project ourselves into the public arena.  The Nadir/Midheaven polarity requires that we balance our inner world (Nadir) with the outer world of our profession (Midheaven), and in Letterman’s announcement he was seeking that balance in a very public way.
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