Friday poetry for the Full Moon

Midnight Temptations Under the moon,the fill blazing moonIn quiet repose i would waste away.Dreaming, loving, letting myself fully bloomWhere peace is master,Where grief has been slayed.On soft, sweet smelling grass is where i’d sleepWith only Heaven’s blanket over me.Cool fresh air is the company i’d keepForever mild nights my eternal destiny.On vast cliffs overlooking the oceanDay would be the moon directly above.I’d gaze happily with no notionsOther than the benediction of Love.Forever under the moon,My tormented heart would beat glad.Under the full blazing moonI’d never again be sad. –Lamont Haywood […]

Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and the Galactic Center

What do Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes have in common? Both have unaspected Suns in Sagittarius that are being hit hard by a conjunction of Pluto this year, and both are involved in high profile relationships that are turning their lives upside down. Individuals whose astrological Sun makes no major connections or aspects to other planets in the birthchart can experience difficulty in establishing an independent identity and in experiencing a real connection with others. Brad Pitt is well known for morphing into a likeness of his partner, and Katie […]

Astrology in the works of WIlliam Shakespeare

Last Friday’s poetry blog was from one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, but this is just one of a myriad of references to astrology Shakespeare used throughout his works. An article on reports: In all of Shakespeare’s 37 plays there are more than a hundred allusions to astrology, and many of his characters’ actions are said to be favored or hindered by the stars. The signs of the zodiac are mentioned in six of Shakespeare’s plays, and the planets may even be blamed for disasters, especially as they wander from their […]

Grand Trine in Water and other planetary news

from May’s SkywatchMars joins Uranus and Jupiter tomorrow, forming a Grand Trine in the water element. Grand Trines occur when three planets form 120 degree angles to each other, creating a large triangle. Trines have an easy, flowing energy – they facilitate processes and create a comfortable dynamic. For this reason they were long considered “good” or favorable aspects as opposed to the “hard angle” (90 degree and 180 degree) aspects which were considered “bad” or unfavorable. However, we can get lost in trines – the danger is in becoming […]

Friday poetry blogging

Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck;And yet methinks I have astronomy,But not to tell of good or evil luck,Of plagues, or dearths or seasons quality.Nor can I fortune to brief minutes tellPointing to each his thunder, rain, and wind,Or say with princes if it shall go well,By oft predict that I in heaven find;But from thine eyes my knowledge I desire,And constant stars, in them I read such artAs truth and beauty shall together thrive.If from thyself to store thou wouldst convertOr else of thee this I […]

News of the Tenth Planet

Hubble telescope images show that the newly discovered “tenth planet” (whose temporary name is Xena) is smaller than first suspected, but far brighter – brighter than nearly any other object in the solar system, reflecting about 86% of the light that reaches its surface. Additionally, Xena is uniformly bright rather than having bright places, hinting that the planet is being continually resurfaced. (Read this article for the scientific details.)As an astrologer who studies the principle of “as above, so below,” I am fascinated by the symbolism of the solar system. […]

David Blaine – face to face with death

“I believe that fear of life brings a greater fear of death. “ David Blaine What makes someone want to suspend themselves in a plexiglass box over the Thames and fast for 44 days? What inspires a person to spend 61 hours encased in ice, or stand on a platform on top of a 100 foot pole for 35 hours? As someone for whom the adrenaline rush is a terrifying thing, I had to find out. David Blaine (chart) is an Aries, and therefore ruled by the warrior archetype of […]

The Jupiter Uranus trine

“Possibilities 2″ by Lucy Arnold(As always, please refrain from scatalogical remarks about Uranus, which is properly pronounced “YOUR-ah-nus” )Astrologically, Jupiter has always been known as the “greater benefic.” It brings good fortune, it expands our field of possibilities and gives us a sense that life has meaning and therefore rules philosophy and religion. Jupiter makes us feel good, it gives us hope and optimism. However, Jupiter is one of the “inner” or “personal” planets, and is therefore earthbound. Although Jupiter rules religion, it does not offer the opportunity to connect […]

The Truthiness Hurts

I will make a flimsy attempt to link this post to astrology by saying this event sums up the current transit of Saturn to George Bush’s ascendant/descendant axis by putting further stress on his public persona (ascendant). Editor and Publisher describes the performance by Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in this article. One Good Move has links to various video sites. It’s definitely worth watching, this is Colbert at his best. He noted former Ambassador Joseph Wilson in the crowd, just three tables away from Karl Rove, […]

May Day and the Immigration Rallies

On Monday, May 1, millions of legal and illegal immigrants and their supporters are expected to walk out of their jobs and hit the streets to declare their value to the American economy. It is an interesting choice of dates, since May Day has a long history of significance, going all the way back to pre-Christian Europe where it was celebrated as Beltane. In ancient Celtic times, the wheel of the year was honored as the turning of the seasons. In the northern hemispheres, the winter solstice was the shortest […]