Are Psych Drugs the Answer?

Bliss Concealed” by Jackie, age 16, from As a child of the ’60s, it is peculiar to me that parents today are GIVING drugs to their kids. Research from Dr. Julie Magno Zito, of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore, indicates that as many as 1.5 percent of American children between the ages of two and four are already on such substances as Ritalin – as well as being medicated with antidepressants and other “psychosis” directed drugs. The use of drug stimulants for children climbed two-to-threefold […]

Revolution and Revelations

digital art from Mercury turned direct on Saturday after a three-week period of missed appointments, crashed computers, and conversations that began “I thought you said…” For some time Mercury has been marching in lockstep with Uranus, the planet of revolution and radical departures from ordinary thinking, and this combination has brought with it a groundswell of revolutionary activity as well as some surprising revelations. The buildup of energy as we approach the Aries New Moon solar eclipse on Wednesday will likely encourage an increase in aggression (Aries) and bravado […]

A Powerhouse of a Week Coming Up!

On the morning of Wednesday, March 29 (and for the next few days leading up to it, as well as for several weeks afterward) we will experience a powerful series of planetary events. First up we have a New Moon in Aries with a total solar eclipse, followed shortly by the retrograde turn of Pluto. The New Moon occurs when the conscious solar principle of the Sun conjoins the instinctive lunar principle of the Moon. New moons are times of beginnings; of fresh starts, but during a solar eclipse the […]

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman has had her share of bad relationships, and her very public and humiliating split from Tom Cruise just as the pre-nup was set to expire brought her millions of new fans and revitalized her film career. Since the breakup she has had a few high profile romances, but now seems to be settling down with Keith Urban, a fellow Australian country singer. News of wedding dates have come and gone, but the intensely private actress does not seem to be getting closer to the wedding aisle, and rumors […]

Harbingers of Spring: Aries and the Vernal Equinox

March 20 marks the entry of the Sun into Aries and the Vernal Equinox: the cardinal point of initiation and the beginning of Spring. Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac and the first of the fire signs. Aries is idealistic, courageous and seeks to live in a way that is truly larger than life. Aries is not interested in ordinary mundane reality; give them a quest, a mission, and they are happy. Ruled by Mars, Aries individuals tend to have strong desires and an independent streak, they are not […]

A Loose Cannon in Chapel Hill

I live in the (usually) peaceful town of Chapel Hill, where the only big news is usually about the local Tarheel’s sports teams. Last week that changed when a would-be Islamist drove a rented Jeep through a busy campus courtyard gathering place called the Pit, striking nine pedestrians with the intent to kill. His stated motive was to avenge the US for its treatment of Muslims. He later called 911 and calmly turned himself in. Photos and footage on the nightly news show him smiling directly into the camera, looking […]

War and Change

Art Gianfermo has a great article about Jupiter/Neptune and the Iraq war: As we move close to the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, even experienced military experts like Lt. Gen. William E. Odom are calling it “the greatest strategic disaster in American history.” With a new $92 billion war funding bill destined to breeze thru the House, the financial cost of the Iraq war to over $400 billion. The cost in human life is incalculable and with the planet of death and massive transformation, Pluto in exact Square […]

Feingold for President!

Russ Feingold is a dream candidate for the Democrats. He’s got charisma, good looks, and he was the only Senator who voted against the Patriot Act. Last year he was the first Senator to suggest a timetable for bringing the troops home. He has taken a firm stand in campaign finance issues, cosponsoring the McCain-Feingold act. He voted against NAFTA and other free trade agreements, and most recently he stood up and called for censure against would-be emperor George W Bush over the warrantless spying scandal. As a child, Feingold […]

Full Moon Eclipse on Tuesday

The Full Moon is a lunar eclipse and takes place on March 14 at 6:35 pm EST in Virgo, the sign of discrimination that seeks perfection. The Virgo influence is cautious and geared towards helping others and being of service. This Full Moon is in conflict (square aspect) with Pluto, god of the underworld and transformation, showing that emotions (Moon) will be that much more intense (Pluto) and secrets and mysteries will be exposed and revealed (Pluto). During an eclipse, the earth blocks the Sun’s light (conscious mind) from reaching […]

The End of Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic, former President of Serbia and later of Yugoslavia, died Saturday in the cell where he had spent the last five years in a protracted trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Milosevic’s rule was characterized by a rabid nationalism and drive for power of his Serbian ethnic group within an area of mixed ethnicities and cultural histories. Seeking a purely Serbian state, he supported a series of wars to drive non-Serbs from designated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These wars destroyed the Serbian economy and turned the […]