The End of the Hammer

Tom Delay announced today that he is stepping down from his congressional post this spring. Although he denied any wrongdoing, one of his top aides recently plead guilty of accepting bribes in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. This recent astrological profile of Delay shows his underlying motivations and personality characteristics that got him where he is today, and this update from January predicts his demise and describes the planetary influences in his life that are accompanying this fall from grace. Hopefully he will take this occasion to learn from the […]

Solar Minimum Has Arrived

Beginning in February of this year, the Sun has been completely blank with no sunspots. NASA solar physicist David Hathaway says “Solar minimum has arrived.” In 2004, he predicted that solar minimum, a period of low sunspot activity, would arrive in late 2006 and it appears it has come a bit early. Sunspots are “great islands of magnetism”–force fields that are cooler than the rest of the Sun. They contract and expand and change as they move across the surface of the Sun. Some scientists believe there is a connection […]

Sharon Stone – A Diva Meltdown

As a woman of a certain age, I am a huge fan of women who remain sex symbols well past their 40s and into their 50s, and even beyond. I am also a big fan of women who appear strong and individualistic. This makes me very interested in Sharon Stone, and as an astrologer I had to wonder what the heck was up with her lately when I saw her sitting at a press conference with Shimon Peres, supposedly promoting peace in Israel, yet saying “People are …saying, ‘I just […]

All Fools Day Tomorrow!

Fool card from the Dragon Tarot deck. Tomorrow we celebrate the Fool, which is particularly appropriate in light of the Aries New Moon last week. The ancient system of Tarot is the precursor to our modern deck of playing cards, and is widely thought to have been the carrier of secret mystical knowledge during the times of the inquisition. The Fool reminds us that we have limited perspective as we walk through our life, and that we carry with us little but trust that life will take care of us […]

Even Bigger Revelations Now Appear

Ever since September 11, there have been rumbling conspiracy theories about the event. Steven Jones, physics professor at that hotbed of radical thought Brigham Young University, published a paper explaining how the WTC buildings could not have collapsed without the help of explosive devices. Attorney General Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aircraft in August of 2001. Such theories have been widely attributed to wackos and nutjobs, but many of us, seeing how the current administration has twisted the world into their own plaything since September 11, have wondered if those theories […]

Thank You Star IQ!

I want to thank Jeff Jawer of Star IQ for posting a link to my article about the Seattle massacre which is drawing great traffic to this humble blog. To my regular readers, please visit this great astrological resource which features articles on all aspects of astrology including financial and political. You can also sign up to receive updates on your own planetary aspects from there. For those of you just joining us from Star IQ, if you desire to read more you can catch up on archived articles most […]

Eclipse Today and Pluto Changes Direction

If you missed the article earlier this week on the effects of this Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse, you may want to revisit it here. The combination of Aries, the God of War and Pluto, the God of Death is a powerful one, likely to engender eruptions of aggression and confrontation, but as Lisa Dale Miller reminds us, Aries is about more than war – it also represents the innocence within us, the Fool of the Tarot that with great trust and confidence is ready to leap into the […]

Motive Behind the Massacre

Last weekend six people were gunned down in a Seattle neighborhood after a rave party, by a “gentle giant” known as Aaron Kyle Huff who killed himself during the rampage. Kyle and his twin brother Kane were 6’5″ and each weighed about 280 pounds. They were hardly noticed in their home town of Whitefish Montana, and even his twin was “stunned and baffled by his rage.” Neighbors said that Kyle was always “humble, quiet and polite.” In fact, the partygoers revealed that Kyle Huff remained quiet and polite up until […]

More Revelations and Revolutions Continue

Mercury’s direct turn and conjunction to Uranus brought more surprising revelations today! Today’s news reports that Zacarias Moussaoui suddenly reversed his story and claimed that he and Richard Reid, the famous Shoe Bomber, were supposed to hijack a fifth plane on September 11th. And in the blogosphere, Crooks and Liars had this report: The NY Times” “During a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 31, 2003, he made clear to Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain that he was determined to invade Iraq without the second resolution, […]

Are Psych Drugs the Answer?

Bliss Concealed” by Jackie, age 16, from As a child of the ’60s, it is peculiar to me that parents today are GIVING drugs to their kids. Research from Dr. Julie Magno Zito, of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore, indicates that as many as 1.5 percent of American children between the ages of two and four are already on such substances as Ritalin – as well as being medicated with antidepressants and other “psychosis” directed drugs. The use of drug stimulants for children climbed two-to-threefold […]