Will Hillary Run?

Hillary Clinton is all over the news lately as the most recognized Presidential candidate. A recent CNN/Gallup poll shows that 39% of Democrats polled said they would vote for Clinton in 2008, as opposed to 15% for John Kerry, 13% for Al Gore and 12% for John Edwards. These numbers have been consistent over the past year, and Hillary is looking like a front-runner for the Democrats. Will she run, and if she runs, will she win? Let’s take a look at her chart. Note to astrologers: Hillary has given […]

Synchronicity and Astrology

In magickal legend, the mage Hermes Trismegistus is a fusion of the Greek/Roman god of communication (Hermes/Mercury) was fused with the Egyptian god of wisdom (Thoth) who gave to Egypt not only their laws and alphabet, but also the spells used in the pyramid chambers and the astrological traditions. Hermes Trismegistus is credited with the famous “as above, so below” that describes the synchronicity of astrology: It is true, certain, and without falsehood, that whatever is below is like that which is above; and that which is above is like […]

The Astrology of Brokeback Mountain

Please refrain from making the obvious scatalogical jokes when reading about Uranus, especially in this context! Astrologers pronounce this planet “Your-ah-nus” in order to avoid this type of thing. The success of Brokeback Mountain is nothing less than a phenomenon. Who would have thought a movie about two gay cowboys would sweep all of the awards shows? The answer may lie in the currently ongoing square between Jupiter and Neptune and the trine of Jupiter to Uranus. Jupiter represents expansion, opportunity, and the expression of shared beliefs such as theology […]

Happy Birthday Pisces!!

Somehow over the weekend I missed the fact that the Sun entered Pisces on Sunday! Pisces is the most watery of the water signs, and the last of the twelve zodiac signs. Like a drop of water falling into a river that ultimately flows into the deepest ocean, Pisces seeks to merge into an experience of something greater and more divine, an experience that is beyond this world. Like Aquarius, Pisces has two rulers which gives it’s nature a greater complexity. Neptune is known as the “modern ruler” of Pisces. […]

Remembering Kurt Cobain on His Birthday

Kurt Cobain would have been 39 on Monday, February 27 2006. I am a little old for the Nirvana scene, but I was captivated by the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit. ” This haunting song became the anthem of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction generation (1964 through 1968). This generation has also been termed “Generation X” : the generation “who wanted to hop off the merry-go-round of status, money, and social climbing that so often frames modern existence.” Douglas Coupland, Generation X: Tales of an Accelerated Culture. The period from 1964 through […]

Storms on Saturn and Cultural Conflict

A reader brought to my attention a new storm on the planet Saturn and asked whether these storms have astrological implications. This new storm circles the entire planet, and is unleashing lightning bolts more than 1000 times stronger than those found on earth. In doing a bit of research, I discovered that the last significant storm activity on Saturn occurred between July and December of 1994 so I set about to find astrological and histroical correlations between these two events. In July of 1994, Saturn was traveling retrograde through the […]

More Talk with Mars Entering Gemini Tomorrow

Mars has been traveling through Taurus since July of last year – a long time for fast moving Mars and the longest time Mars has traveled through Taurus since 1974. Mars turns retrograde only once every two years or so, and since Mars entered Taurus we saw two Mars retrograde periods where actions result more from internal stimuli and tend to be more hidden and less easily understood. Taurus is a fixed earth sign: stubborn and placid and rooted in solid values and beliefs. Mars represents raw drive and aggression, […]

What Happened to Paul Hackett?

Most people don’t know much about Paul Hackett, but he was beginning to look like a rising star in the Democratic party. An Iraq war and Marine Corps veteran, he ran for Congress in a special 2005 election and was narrowly defeated by Jean Schmidt amidst widespread reports of election fraud. Still, Hackett garnered 48 percent of the vote in an overwhelmingly Republican district and decided to run in the 2006 election. Suddenly today he announced that he is withdrawing from the Senate race and possibly from politics altogether, evidently […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The history of Valentine’s Day is a fascinating one. In its zeal to replace the beloved pagan gods with Christian saints, the historical truths were often stretched in order to create the appropriate qualities to be worshiped in the stead of the old gods. A variety of legends have survived concerning the origin of St. Valentine, but most agree that he was executed some time in the 3rd century C.E. It’s difficult to fathom what in these legends constituted saintly behavior, but Valentinius was promoted to the rank of Saint […]

This is not Darth Cheney’s week

(photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com) Cheney’s technique for dealing with the press is “never explain, never apologize” but the press is calling on Cheney to come clean about his shooting of his hunting partner over the weekend. This embarrassing episode comes on the heels of his potentially being named by ex-aide Scooter Libby as the instigator for the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Cheney is such a fascinating character (see the earlier profile in this column) – filled with potential to be a powerful voice of good, his greed and […]