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Everything is in opposition under Saturn and Uranus

Saturn and Uranus are now within two degrees oftheir exact opposition which culminates on September 15.  As you probably now, Saturn represents conservative thinking and conventional behavior, and Uranus represents that which is new and innovative.

Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to roll out healthcare reform in the United States, since oppositional defiance is occurring not only between the Democrats and Republicans, but in splinter groups within the parties as well.  The desire to be in opposition to SOMETHING is fostered by the opposition from Saturn to Uranus, and if this planetary combination is transiting something in our own chart that urge to rebel against oneself can be quite complicated.

The opposition of Saturn to Uranus has been tightly aspecting Mars in President Obama’s chart, with Saturn conjunct Mars and Uranus in opposition.  A transit of Saturn to Mars in our own chart is very like trying to drive with the brakes on.  However, Saturn has now moved off Obama’s Mars which should begin to make things a little easier for him.  When a planet in the sky is opposite a planet in our chart (a transit of opposition) we often meet the transiting planet in our outer world.

Jupiter is retrograding back over Obama’s Ascendant (the first hit was back in late March of this year) and transiting Saturn will form a harmonious sextile to Saturn in his natal chart, helping him to get things done and giving him the confidence to make it happen.  However, between October and December transiting Uranus will make the last opposition to Mars in Obama’s chart and it’s quite possible that we will see further amplification of the radical (Uranus) behavior surrounding everything he attempts to do (Mars).  This is already approaching the height of ridiculousness as conservatives complain about Obama’s plan to speak to students to inspire them to work hard and stay in school.

The divisiveness and politicization caused by the opposition from Saturn to Uranus (remember the first exact hit occurred on the US Election Day) has penetrated every aspect of American society.  I suppose that this really began back in 2000 with the election of George W Bush, but the “angry left” as Rush Limbaugh called it was nothing compared to the rage and potential for violence that we are seeing in the angry right.

Meanwhile members of the Democratic party  are engaging in bitter battles themselves over how much compromise is possible in the healthcare debate.  Democrats tend to be more Uranian in nature – they are progressive, embrace change and free thought.  Consequently, they are less likely to agree on anything.  Republicans on the other hand, being more conservative in nature and therefore more Saturnian, find it easier to follow a leader and adhere to the party line.

The shift from left to right and right to left has been evident in elections in other parts of the world as well.  Elections in Afghanistan and the attempt to bring in a new government (Uranus) with no ties to the old regime (Saturn) have resulted in widespread accusations of election fraud.  And in Japan, voters last week elected to overturn their current government (Saturn) in favor of a more liberal one (Uranus).

And finally, in Samoa the government has decreed that on September 7 its citizens will begin driving on the left inside of on the right as they have done before, resulting in a revolution among citizens who dislike this radical change (Uranus) and want things to remain the same (Saturn).

We are only in the third phase of this cycle – we will have two more over the next year.  There is no doubt that this is a time of evaluating what to take from the best as we move forward, and what to leave behind.

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Full Moon in Pisces today

You may have seen the beautiful waxing Moon illuminated by Jupiter over the past few nights as the Moon passed through Aquarius and transited Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.  Today at around noon Eastern the Sun and Moon oppose each other in the polarity that we call the Full Moon.

The Pisces Full Moon is all about connecting to Spirit, to the Divine within us, to our imagination and a sense of magic.  However, when the Moon is full in Pisces it opposes the Sun in practical Virgo so there is a necessity to balance that dreaminess with a firm footing in the material world.

The Full Moon is the peak of the waxing phase of the lunar cycle and begins the waning phase of completion, so this is a time of culmination of the dreams and ideals (Pisces) so that we can harvest the seeds that we have sown. The stationary Mercury reminds us that we are entering a time to look back and reassess the details of our life, but the Pisces Full Moon urges us to seek solace in the never-ending flow of the soul that forms the true center of our being.

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13 things scientists don’t understand

I love a good mystery, and you probably do too.  Check out these 13 THINGS SENT TO TRY US from Michael Brooks via New Scientist – it’s almost enough to make you think there is more to this Universe than scientists can understand:

1.  Radiation left from the Big Bang is still glowing in the sky – in a mysterious and controversial pattern.

2.  Something unseeable and far bigger than anything in the known universe is hauling a group of galaxies towards it at inexplicable speed.

3.  Tens of millions of years ago, the average temperature at the poles was 15 or 20 °C. Now let’s talk about climate change!

4.  Space probes using Earth’s gravity to get a slingshot speed boost are moving faster than they should. Call in dark matter.

5.  The fusion of two distinct evolutionary lines is not supposed to work – but the seas are teeming with chimeras that prove it can.

The other 8 mysteries and more details on each one here…

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Los Angeles wildfires and astrology

Jerry asked in the comments about the relationship between the chart of Los Angeles and the current wildfires and I thought this would make a good post.  There are a couple of charts for Los Angeles.  The first one, which seems to be most widely used, is the September 4, 1781 date of the founding of the city by fourteen families as directed by King Carlos III of Spain.  The chart for this date has the Sun in Virgo, with the Moon in Aries.

The second date used is April 4, 1850, the date of the incorporation of the CIty of Los Angeles as an American city following the Mexican-American war.  Warning: geeky astrological details ahead. This chart shows six planets in fiery Aries including a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Aries and a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Aries that forms a T-square to a Moon/Mars opposition.  Unfortunately, the time of incorporation is not known.

The incorporation chart makes more sense to me because Los Angeles is a uniquely American city and its founding as a pueblo was really a different incarnation than what we have today.  The chart also makes more sense, although as you know if you read this column I try not to select charts based on whether or not they “work.”  We all made that mistake with Susan Boyle when the initial birthdate, which worked very nicely with our imagination of who Susan Boyle might be, turned out to be incorrect.

Aries the sign of initiation and inspiration, but it is also the sign that is ruled by the God of War.  There is an aggressive energy to Aries that cannot be denied.  Following the incorporation of the city following the victory of the US over the Mexicans in 1850, some of the residents rebelled against the new Anglo powers in a full-scale revolt.  Los Angeles had the highest murder rate of the entire nation.  (Source: Wikipedia)

It’s said of Los Angeles that there are four seasons: fire, earthquakes, mudslides and riots.  That is mirrored by Mars (fire and aggression) in watery Cancer, squared by Saturn (compression and restriction) in Aries (fire), all tightly aspecting the Sun or the Spirit of the city.  The Capricorn Moon holds everything together with an inbred desire for success in all things, but Saturn is always creating challenges there.

The current spate of wildfires were a surprise because they began before the expected wildfire season in the fall when the Santa Ana winds begin to blow.  These fires started as transiting Mars entered Cancer on August 26th and formed an exact opposition to Pluto (see my articles about this from last week).  Conflict between the God of War (Mars) and the Lord of Destruction (Pluto) can be quite intense, and in this case both planets formed a stressful square to Mercury in the Los Angeles chart.  Mercury rules communication, and the “Station Fire” has threatened transmission towers for television and radio stations at the Mount Wilson Observatory site.

The State of California also contains the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Aries.  What an intense time that was (1849-1851), the time of the goldrush and lawlessness across the American West.  Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are all in the later degrees of Aquarius and forming a harmonious trine to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction both the L.A. chart and the California chart, particularly back in May when the fires started and Jupiter was in an exact trine to both Uranus and Pluto.

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Skywatch is posted!

Skywatch for September is now posted on my website, Here’s the intro discussing the big events occurring in September:

The big news for September is the third phase of the opposition between Saturn and Uranus in the middle of the month. This is a major planetary cycle that began on the US election day in November of 2008 and will have a total of five phases in which the conventional way of doing things (Saturn) will battle against new ideas and change (Uranus). Some of us are more conventional and conservative by nature (Saturnian), and some of us are more radical and rebellious (Uranian), and then there are those of us who are internally conflicted between the two. The opposition of these two planets is operating not only on a global level where it is affecting politics in nearly every country around the world, but also on a personal and psychological level.

Oppositions are polarities, and each side puts tension on the other. Just like a see-saw, sometimes one side is up and one side is down. The objective of the opposition is to create balance between the two. Saturn is like a stasis point where everything is predictable and known. Uranus comes to break apart the status quo that Saturn works so hard to preserve, destroying the old order and putting something new in its place. Oppositions follow the principle of dialectics, in which the thesis (in this case Saturn) must adapt to the antithesis (Uranus) in order to avoid destruction. Ideally, the useful aspects of the Saturn principle are preserved while the Uranian revolution occurs.

In our personal lives, especially if Saturn and Uranus are aspecting our own chart, this can feel very much like we’re being pulled in two different directions. The natural reaction to an opposition is to allow ourselves to go to one extreme followed by the other, but this is not the most helpful approach. If we remember who we’re dealing with here, we can face this planetary cycle in a conscious way that offers us the benefit of change (Uranus) while maintaining a sense of stability in our lives (Saturn). Saturn wants us to be responsible and disciplined and preserve order, and Uranus says forget the structures and start something new. Walking that tightrope is a challenge, but it can be done!

We also have Mercury going retrograde this month, and Pluto’s change of direction as well. When planets appear to change direction, they slow down to a crawl before making that turn. We call that making a “station,” because at that time the planet is virtually stationary. Stationary planets exert a powerful influence, and Pluto will be even more powerful this month at it changes direction at the zero point of Capricorn. This could bring about a severe reality check at a global level as it becomes obvious that the destruction and renewal (Pluto) of our financial systems (Capricorn) is not quite complete. Pluto seeks destruction only for those structures that are decayed and not serving their purpose, and if we remember that destruction must take place in order for the rebirth of something greater to occur we can embrace this process rather than fear it. Any Pluto cycle requires a certain amount of faith and trust in the natural order.

Chiron and Neptune are still within 2 degrees of a conjunction as they retrograde together, so this “call of the soul” is still powerful. Many of us are finding it more difficult to live a superficial life – the material world is less important now as we are cleansed (Chiron) of past wounds and seek a deeper connection to the realm of Spirit (Neptune).

During the first week of September we begin to enter the “shadow” of the Mercury retrograde period as Mercury slows down in preparation of its retrograde turn. During the shadow period we may begin to experience some of the communication challenges for which Mercury Rx is known so it’s not too early to begin applying caution to all matters of communication and travel. Small equipment can also be affected by Mercury retrograde periods so be sure to read instructions carefully.

When Mercury is retrograde we sometimes must sign contracts and make other commitments and agreements that are not ideal under these circumstances. DO NOT FEAR!! Just take the necessary precautions and move forward in your life with confidence. If you plan a vacation and it rains, you don’t cancel your vacation. Just bring an umbrella.

Remember also that Mercury retrograde periods are excellent times for meditation, writing, renovating, re-doing your website, re-writing a manuscript, communicating with old friends, cleaning out the garage.

The effect of the Mercury Rx period is likely to begin on September 3rd when Mercury (communication) forms a challenging square to Mars (aggression). Tempers are high now, and words can become reckless. Mercury is in Libra now where it tends to be rather polite and harmonious, but the square to Mars will take the gloves off and could result in some heated discussion. This heightened intensity will bring more focus to matters of the mental realms (Mercury) and activate the retrograde period.

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