Mars Square Saturn

Although this aspect didn’t culminate until yesterday, it’s been in effect for some time as part of the Grand Cross so it hasn’t received the attention from me that it deserved. Mars square Saturn is often described as “driving with the brakes on” – Mars wants to go, to take action, and Saturn is the brakes that doesn’t allow motion to happen. Mars often represents willful behavior, arrogance, aggression, and Saturn is the paternal scolding voice. We can see this at play in the escalation of tension in Iraq, in […]

The Secret Moon

Beth Owl’s daughter reminds me: By the way, as I’ve been discussing on my website, this New Moon is also a second New Moon in one month, as rare as Blue Moons, but not as widely known (since by definition, they are invisible)! Folklore calls the second New Moon the Black Moon. It has also been called the Secret Moon,the Finder’s Moon, and the Spinner Moon. It carries with it all the deep, wonderful magic of the New Moon, like planting the seed, new beginnings, and sending out our intention […]

New Moon December 30

The New Moon this month is in Capricorn on December 30 at 10:11 PM EST. New Moons occur when the lunar principle of emotional mind fuses with the solar principle of conscious mind (the sun conjunct the moon). New moons are times of beginnings, of clearings of old baggage and making a new start. How appropriate that this New Moon occurs just before the New Year, and in Capricorn, the sign of discipline and focus. This is the perfect time to create intention for the new year, to go beyond […]

The Seven Times Seven Meme

Jill tagged me with this, and while I’m not sure what it is I’m going to play anyway: Seven things to do before I die: Spend a month in the English countryside. Appreciate my husband 24 hours a day. Buy a little country place with a sunset view over a rolling meadow and pond. Finish and publish my astrology book. Take a long trip through Ancient Egypt and Greece. Be a foster mom to Golden Retrievers. Learn the art of living without doing. Seven things I cannot do: Spend a […]

Update on the Grand Cross

(For more information, see these past articles discussing the Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in effect for the next few weeks.) For the past month or so, four planets have been dancing in a “Grand Cross” formation, with two sets of two planets opposite each other and square to their neighbors. Since early November, we have seen a face-off with Mars (god of war and aggression) in a square (90 degree angle, within 5 degrees) to Saturn (restriction and limitation). Saturn has been opposite Neptune (the hidden […]

Merry Christmas and a Cool Yule!

Merry Christmas and a Cool Yule!

The celebration of Christmas at the Winter Solstice is one of the more recent celebrations to mark the longest night of the year. Today as we celebrate the return of the Sun and the birth of the Sun God, I thought I’d share this good article about the origins of Christmas. However you celebrate the season, I wish you all the love, peace and joy that life on Earth can bring.

Surprising Discoveries About Uranus

Surprising Discoveries About Uranus

In astrology, Uranus symbolizes radical change and eccentric behavior, it is the revolutionary of the zodiac. Astronomers have long known that Uranus possesses unusual features such as the fact that it is tipped nearly on its side relative to the sun with its south pole pointing towards the Sun. This gives it the strange orbit pattern of rolling about as it travels around the sun. New discoveries by scientists at the SETI institute demonstrate that the orbits of Uranus’ inner moons and ring structures have dramatically changed over the past […]

Venus turns Retrograde and Conjuncts Chiron

Venus, traveling through Aquarius, turns retrograde on December 24. When Venus is retrograde we are often forced to pay more attention to our dealing with others and our own sense of connectedness and how well we manage our connections with those around us. At the same time, Venus has been moving into a conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer. What a perfect time for this to happen as many of us regroup with our families at the holidays! In Aquarius Venus tends to be less emotional, more concerned with matters […]

Bush Update and This Month’s Grand Cross

Thanks to Jill for posting an article by Peter Daou from Salon about the dynamics of a Bush scandal. This corresponds very precisely with the Grand Cross occurring right now between Mars (aggression), Saturn (law/rules/restriction), Neptune (confusion and illusion) and Jupiter (philosophy, expansion): 1. POTUS circumvents the law – an impeachable offense. Mars/Jupiter brings a sense of disregard (Mars) for established law (Jupiter), or being too self-important (Mars) to follow them. 2. The story breaks (in this case after having been concealed by a news organization until well after Election […]

Sun Enters Capricorn Today

Sun Enters Capricorn Today

Happy birthday Capricorns! Those born when the Sun was in Capricorn are ruled by Saturn and tend to take their responsibilities very seriously. The mission of Capricorn is to master the material world. In doing so, they may face many challenges and failures, but depending on the other influences in their chart they tend to stay focused and continue their efforts until success is achieved. Capricorn is tremendously practical and goal oriented, and every relationship and event is filtered through the lens of achievement. Will this person help me in […]