Stephen Colbert Joins the War on Christmas

Thanks to Jill for posting a link to this video on One Good Move. Thank goodness Stephen Colbert (of Daily Show fame) is coming to the rescue of Christmas. The rest of us will be enjoying our decorated pagan tree, yule log and outdoor lights to welcome the return of the Sun at the Winter Solstice.

The Future of Religion

Tim Boucher has a great post today speculating on what the future will bring for religion. His ideas tie in closely with major upcoming planetary events: As the Latino population increases in America, and big companies start advertising more to and being fluent in their culture, I bet we’ll see a huge upswing in Latin and Afro-Caribbean religious practices, like Santeria, Voodoo, and all the other variants. The planet Uranus brings revolution and breaks up rigid social patterns in the sign that it travels through, and earlier this year Uranus […]

Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison!

The death of Jim Morrison was one of the first really sad events of my young life. As a young and lonely wanna-be hippie, his music took me to places beyond my reality that really did open the doors of consciousness. I discovered Jim Morrison’s music at the same time I discovered Aldous Huxley and psychedelic pharmaceuticals, which began what was to become a lifelong exploration of the mystery of life. Huxley wrote, “When the doors of perception are cleansed /Things will appear as they are: Infinite. ” Jim Morrison […]

What’s Instore for Tom DeLay?

Middle Earth Journal has a good story today about Tom DeLay’s situation, inspiring me to take a look at his astrological situation. DeLay is an Aries – ruled by the god of war. Aries are forceful, dynamic, and can be self absorbed as they pursue their quest for domination and leadership. His Aries Sun is makes an exact sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus (innovation and autonomy) in his chart, showing us that he is a man who charts his own course. He has Scorpio rising, with buoyant Jupiter on the […]

Chiron in Aquarius

The synchronicity between the names given to planets by astronomers and the way they operate in astrology is one of the great mysteries of the heavens. In ancient times the astronomers WERE the astrologers, and as they observed the planet Venus in the sky they truly saw the goddess of love, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Inanna. In our modern scientific time there is a greater disconnect between the ancient archetypes and the natural world, and an argument can be made that our culture suffers as a result. Chiron is a “planetoid” in […]

Mars Opposes Jupiter Tonight

When aggressive Mars confronts the king of the gods, watch for blowhards to blow even harder. Mars is retrograde in Taurus, the sign of economic and material security. During the retrograde portion of Mars’ journey, it is gathering together material goods and creating an increased focus on security. Mars retrograding in Taurus is typically beneficial for the stock market. However, Jupiter can represent opportunities and possibilities, and can create a state of overconfidence where we may become reckless. For the next two weeks we will benefit from paying attention to […]

The Astrology of Lost

All of the astrological signs are represented in the TV program Lost. Our astrological makeup is much more complex than just one astrological sign, but just for fun let’s take a look at these fascinating characters. Many of them are wounded souls on a healing journey, so we tend to see the shadow side of the signs but we can also see the direction they are headed in their evolution: Aries – Sawyer is our Aries character. Primarily concerned with self-preservation, he is headstrong like the Ram and doesn’t work […]

The Honeymoon is Finally Over

It’s about time. Evidently, administration sources say Cheney’s role in formulating policy is over. “Cheney’s influence has waned not only because of bad chemistry, but because the White House no longer formulates policy,” another source said. Any astrologer could have predicted that bad chemistry, it is clear from looking at the two men’s charts. However, Bush’s need for adulation (three planets in Leo and Leo rising) combined with his need to feel important (Sun square Jupiter) makes him a target for those who seek to influence him. Let’s just hope […]

One Last Look Backward

Mercury is “stationary direct” today, meaning it has slowed down to a near stop before making its turn into forward motion tomorrow evening. Because astrology views planets from our perspective on earth, occasionally the planets appear to be moving backwards, and this is what we call “retrograde.” My clients have heard me compare the effect that the movement of the planets have on us to a car (called transits) to a loud boombox that drives down your street. You start to hear the car as it rounds the corner, and […]