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Harvey Weinstein – the astrology of sex and power

How appropriate that Harvey Weinstein, arguably the most powerful mogul in Hollywood today and perhaps in Hollywood history, was terminated from his leadership position at the Weinstein Company just as Jupiter (leadership) goes into Scorpio (sex and power).

Weinstein is notorious among Hollywood circles for his boorish behavior and sexual harassment allegations that span over decades.  Over the past few days actresses who declined his advances have come forward to tell their Weinstein stories, and presumably there are many more who did not fight in order to save their careers.

The astrology chart of Harvey Weinstein (born March 19, 1952 in Queens NY, time unknown) shows his Sun at 29 degrees Pisces – the very last degree of sensitive and Pisces, bleeding into assertive and dominant Aries.  The 29th degree is sometimes called the “anaretic” degree and is considered a critical placement that shows a significant lesson to be learned. In medieval astrology the “anareta” was a planet of destruction and considered to be dangerous.  While modern astrology doesn’t take these significators literally, the 29th degree indicates a completion of some kind of karma and needs to be taken seriously.

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The transition from Pisces to Aries involves the lesson of incorporating the assertive leadership of Aries into the compassion and sensitivity of Pisces, but in some cases one sign will react against the other which is what we see in Weinstein’s behavior. The Sun makes no aspects to any other planets (a “singleton”) suggesting an individual who stands alone and finds it difficult to combine one’s energies with others.  (Brad Pitt is another famous Singleton Sun individual.)

Weinstein has Mars (sexuality and drive) in its own sign of Scorpio which can denote a highly sexualized individual.  Depending on other chart factors this can also manifest as a powerfully charismatic individual.  Scorpio dwells in the realm of power as well as sex, and Mars in Scorpio seeks both.

To complicate matters further, that Scorpio Mars is in a challenging aspect to Pluto which generally denotes a complex relationship to both power and sexuality.  I have many clients with this chart aspect, many of whom have suffered sexual abuse or some kind of violence.  I typically do not have the kind of clients who would be abusers, but this aspect of a power imbalance can represent both ends of the spectrum as well as anywhere in between.

Weinstein also suffers from a soul wound – a conjunction of the Moon (emotions, the mother and nurturing) to Chiron, planet of wounding and healing. The wound is exacerbated by challenging aspects from both Saturn (tests and challenges) and Uranus (abandonment and radical change) to the Moon.  Typically this would suggest a difficult relationship with women generally and the mother in particular.  Miriam Weinstein was an active part of the Weinstein companies since their inception, and we know very little about Harvey Weinstein’s actual relationship with his mother that would add any detail but it was certainly very complicated astrologically.  We are just beginning to see how complex Weinstein’s relationships with women are.

Weinstein’s anger is legendary in Hollywood (see this article from 2002 and this one from 2001 for a detailed history of Weinstein’s company and some of his more egregious outbursts) and Weinstein admits to seeking help from psychological experts in controlling his anger.  The kind of rage Weinstein exhibits can result from the Mars/Pluto combination, but when you add in the deep wound of the Moon/Chiron/Saturn/Uranus system, it gets amplified and complicated.

The progressed chart is a method used by astrologers to forecast significant times in a person’s life, and right now Weinstein’s core wound is being triggered (progressed Chiron has retrograded back to align with natal Chiron).  Additionally, there is a Gemini New Moon in the progressed chart, suggesting the potential for a new beginning which is a beneficial thing during a time of personal destruction such as this one.

The fact of the casting couch in Hollywood is nothing new, nor is the sexual harassment of women to trade sexual favors for career advancement.  But the power exerted by Harvey Weinstein reached a new degree:

Weinstein is often compared to the moguls of old—the doughty Jew among Wasp elites—but the analogies don’t do justice to his broader cultural horsepower. Neither indie hustler nor studio boss, Weinstein is a different beast altogether, a New York City behemoth with avid fingers in all corners of the pie. He and his brother run a company that released more movies than any other in the U.S. in the year 2000 and had the eighth-largest box-office receipts. To say that the barbarian is at the gate is to miss the fact that he’s already behind the velvet rope and iterating access. New York Magazine 2001

Unfortunately, Weinstein’s apparent genius enabled him to feed the monster of ego and rage to the point where he was not constrained by the rules that mere mortals live by.

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Planetary news this week! Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Libra

Two planets change signs this week: Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th, and Libra into Venus on the 14th.  When planets change signs there is a shift of focus and a shift of energies that can help us to break out of old patterns and find new pathways to move our lives along in a new direction.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio for about a year, and you can read more about that cycle here,  In its role as King of the Gods, Jupiter brings a higher awareness to the energies of the sign through which it moves, and in Scorpio Jupiter seeks a broader awareness and higher expression of power, emotional intensity, sexuality, and shared finance such as taxes and financial markets. But Jupiter is also known for excessive confidence and complacency, such as we saw in 2005-06 when Jupiter was last in Scorpio and presided over the expansion of the housing market.  Scorpio is also associated with secrets and mysteries, and Jupiter’s travels through Scorpio often bring up new revelations from the mists of time.

While Jupiter is in Scorpio (until November 8, 2018) it will be difficult to hide from our shadow Self.  That may sound negative and it CAN be dysfunctional if we become stuck in the shadow rather than face the darkness and find our way to the light. True empowerment lies in facing our inner Truth and mining it for all of the riches that are found there.

Venus moves more quickly and changes signs every 23 days or so except during its retrograde phases. The influence of Venus is not very powerful and we tend not to notice it as much, but the transition from the modesty and concern for details of Venus in Virgo to the focus on balance and harmony of Venus in Libra on the 14th of October will tend to create more ease and flow in our relationships and in the rest of our lives as well.

The Libra influence is pronounced over the next few days since both the Sun and Mercury are in Libra, and the New Moon on October 19th is in Libra.  Under the canopy of Libra’s light we find ourselves more sensitive to dissonance and disharmony in the world.  Diplomacy and tact, our love of beauty and attention to aesthetics – all of these things will become more important over the next week and until the completion of the New Moon.


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The compelling power of the Aries Full Moon October 5, 2017

This Aries Full Moon takes the power of Mars to energize us and stir us to action, and amplifies it into a new dimension.  Mars is locked in a dramatic tango with Venus right now, and Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon which promotes it to great importance.  This means that we are more self-oriented and potentially more reactive than we might normally be, and this can result in greater interpersonal conflict.

This dance is embedded in the chart of the Aries Full Moon – another symbol of polarities since the Sun is in Libra, the sign of balance, and the Moon is in Aries, Libra’s opposite polarity. Aries is self-oriented where Libra attempts to balance self vs other – finding that sweet spot in the middle is the message of the Aries Full Moon on October 5th.

Our relationship with others are a mirror of our own internal conflicts, and the attempt to find a harmonious counterbalance, both in our own emotional natures and personalities and in our relationships, is intensified and made more urgent with.  Anything artificial or illusory falls away under this Full Moon and we are given the choice to create transformation or remain in ignorance.

Fortunately, we are blessed at this time with mental clarity and an enhanced ability to communicate our personal wisdom, and a grounding influence can help to provide stability but may also set up road blocks that need to be worked through. In the midst of this, there is a tremendous push for personal liberation and creating the kind of change that will facilitate and encourage a release from old patterns that bind us.

Geeky astrological details – These aspects are embedded into the Full Moon chart: Mars, ruler of the Full Moon, conjoins Venus.  The lunation is squared by Pluto. Mercury conjoins the Sun and opposes the Moon. Saturn harmonizes with both Sun and Moon.  Jupiter opposes Uranus.

Here are some ways to utilize the energies of this Full Moon:

  • Physical activity is important in any Mars-y period, and for a few days after this Full Moon it is nearly essential.  Joyful activity such as dance, or activity with intentional such as yoga or the martial arts, will be very helpful in balancing the brain/body energetic systems.
  • Ask yourself if there are areas in your relationships that are out of balance.
  • If you are someone who easily speaks your mind to others, practice listening and receiving to achieve greater balance.  And if you are someone who finds it difficult to express yourself, try speaking out with kindness and clarity to help you find that sweet spot of harmony.
  • If there is a problem relationship in your life, visualize your ideal outcome keeping in mind the principles of balance and the importance of fulfillment for all involved.
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The astrology of the Las Vegas shooter

Las Vegas shooter astrologyAfter the worst mass shooting in modern US history (we can save the massacre of the native Americans for another discussion but let’s not forget it entirely), and that is really saying something since we have had more than 1,500 shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, there appears to be nearly no information about the shooter, now deceased, who masterminded the plot to kill as many people as possible from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel.  With the recent news that Stephen Paddock was prescribed Valium, some are speculating that it was the Valium that motivated this quiet man to this horrific act.  But one look at his astrological birthchart and you can see that this was a very complicated man.

Paddock’s astrological Sun was in the sign of Aries, the sign of the Warrior, but it was part of a very challenging Grand Cross.  There was a part of him that craved connection with others and wanted to get along (Sun conjunct Venus)  but he had trouble establishing those connections (Venus retrograde) and was shy and insecure, especially where women were concerned (Venus opposed by Saturn).  He was very hard on himself and felt he had a great deal to prove (Saturn retrograde and opposite Sun) and he often felt misunderstood by others (Neptune opposite Sun).

Las Vegas shooter astrology

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A challenging relationship with his father is evident by the stressful aspects from three intense planets to his Sun – the father often appears in the chart as the Sun.  He was likely criticized and failed to meet his father’s approval (Saturn retrograde opposite his Sun) and there is evidence of the chart of a separation from the father (Uranus square Sun).  The challenging aspect between Chiron to the Sun and Venus shows an individual who incarnated with a deep soul wound, a sense of abandonment, and a likely resulting distrust of others (Chiron square Venus).

As if that weren’t enough, he has an intense need for control and a fear of loss, as well as a high level of emotional intensity combined with a dislike of emotion.  His Mars (aggressive force) is powerful but thwarted, leading to a buildup of rage yet the need for this tight control prevents a release of this emotion (Aquarius Moon opposed by Pluto and Taurus Mars squaring both (T-square)).

It’s interesting that Paddock’s brothers Eric and Patrick, who apparently don’t speak to each other, both mentioned that Stephen was the least violent brother in the family when they were growing up and that each of the brothers had had to do a lot of work to deal with the anger resulting from their childhood.  The Paddock brothers (there were anywhere from 4 to 7 depending on the news source) were the son of a con man and bank robber who was jailed when Stephen was 7 – just as transiting Saturn set off the complex Grand Cross in the chart.  As the eldest he likely felt the need to take care of the family and hold everything together.

Many of you already know that  since 2010 Uranus and Pluto have been in a stressful dance in the sky (Uranus  in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn).  This has led to a great deal of global change and unrest, and for those of us whose personal charts have been affected by this planetary combination, the change has been extremely personal indeed.  The Uranus/Pluto square set off the Grand Cross in Paddock’s chart beginning in 2014 – the intense effect of Uranus to create a restless need for change and a new paradigm combined with Pluto’s hydrogen emotional bomb which can have the effect of forcing us to confront our darkest and most secret emotions.

Apparently Paddock first sought a benzodiazepam (Valium) prescription last year, presumably to deal with the anxiety produced when Uranus and Pluto rattled his cages and prompted the eruption of the rage that had long simmered in his subconscious.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance and confidence, is beloved as the “Greater Benefic” – a planet that bestows many blessings and gifts.  But we also often find it as the active principle in the chart of people who commit acts such as this – the influence of Jupiter provides the confidence that might otherwise be missing.  That is exactly what we see here with Jupiter in Libra triggering the challenging Grand Cross.

It would be a mistake to excuse Paddock’s actions on his chart.  Lots of people were born the same day (I was only able to find one famous person: country music artist Hal Ketchum) and plenty of people (myself included) have charts that are this fraught with emotional difficulties.  Humans are amazingly resilient and generally able to work through all kinds of horrific childhoods and situations.  But the astrological chart does help us to understand the dynamics of these criminals and perhaps educate us to better anticipate these kinds of actions.

Note: I am sure this post will generate posts about gun control.  Please be kind to your fellow readers in the discussion. 

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Planetary news this week: the Venus/Mars dance October 2017

Venus and Mars begin a new cycle in Virgo in October, symbolizing the eternal dance between feminine and masculine, receptive and assertive, light and dark, negative and positive, yin and yang.

These polarities are interdependent – neither can exist without the other – and they are equal in value.  At times various cultures may ascribe more value to one quality or another (for example, matriarchal cultures may value the peace-seeking qualities of Venus where warrior cultures will value the aggressive energy of Mars), but in their purest form they are equal and balanced.

Finding balance between two polarities is an important part of the astrological symbolism – the twelve zodiac signs consist of six pairs of opposites and each pair requires the other to balance and integrate.  The same is true of Venus and Mars.  Venus is receptive – it represents the force of magnetic attraction.  Under the influence of Venus we attract lovers, money, and other good things, and we learn how to increase that power of attraction by the way in which we interact with the people and things around us.  Mars, however, goes after what it wants.  Mars is the principle of action and motivation, and when the principle of action is thwarted frustration results so Mars also traffics in anger and rage.

In relationships, Venus makes sacrifices for the sake of peace and harmony where Mars seeks personal gratification and the meeting of one’s own needs.  Both are equally important although we sometimes tend to value one over the other.

The conjunction, the meeting of the two planets, is the beginning of a new Venus/Mars cycle.  Like a New Moon, new planetary cycles offer a fresh beginning.  This is an opportunity to find new balance in our relationships – to learn how to ask for what we need if we lean more towards the Venusian side, and to learn to compromise and empathize if we are more Martian in nature.

The current Venus/Mars cycle that begins this week will last through the next conjunction in August 2019.  During that time Venus will retrograde (appear to move backwards) between October 4, 2018 and November 16, 2018, offering an opportunity for a re-do in areas where our efforts to achieve balance have been less successful.

Mars and Venus are often expressed in our relationships with others, but they also are important in our relationship to ourselves.  Just as we strive to balance Mars and Venus in our outer lives, we need also to find that balance within as well.


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