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Merry Christmas and a Cool Yule!

The celebration of Christmas at the Winter Solstice is one of the more recent celebrations to mark the longest night of the year. Today as we celebrate the return of the Sun and the birth of the Sun God, I thought I’d share this good article about the origins of Christmas.

However you celebrate the season, I wish you all the love, peace and joy that life on Earth can bring.

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Surprising Discoveries About Uranus

In astrology, Uranus symbolizes radical change and eccentric behavior, it is the revolutionary of the zodiac. Astronomers have long known that Uranus possesses unusual features such as the fact that it is tipped nearly on its side relative to the sun with its south pole pointing towards the Sun. This gives it the strange orbit pattern of rolling about as it travels around the sun. New discoveries by scientists at the SETI institute demonstrate that the orbits of Uranus’ inner moons and ring structures have dramatically changed over the past decade. The rings appear to be constantly replenished by fresh material (just as Uranus serves in the birthchart to constantly slough off old tired habits and patterns to replenish them with a new way of looking at our lives), and the orbits that the moons make relative to each other has also changed dramatically.

This erratic and unusual behavior typifies the way Uranus operates in the birthchart of an individual and as it travels through the solar system and affects us by transit. Uranus rules revolution, it defies the status quo and seeks to remove from our lives anything that is tired and oppressive or which no longer serves us. Uranus has a tendency to coax out of us our secret longings to be our own completely unique individual. If we resist these impulses for too long, we may experience sudden urges to completely change our life, to walk our own path and break free of any restrictions that hold us back.

Unlike the rings of Saturn which are more permanently defined signifying the structures that Saturn creates, the rings of the Uranian moons appear to be in constant flux. Astrologically, Uranus seeks to create an environment within us where there is adequate space and freedom to adapt and change as our evolution requires, and once again I am amazed at the synchronicity between the astronomical nature of the planets and their symbolism in our lives.

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Venus turns Retrograde and Conjuncts Chiron

Venus, traveling through Aquarius, turns retrograde on December 24. When Venus is retrograde we are often forced to pay more attention to our dealing with others and our own sense of connectedness and how well we manage our connections with those around us. At the same time, Venus has been moving into a conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer. What a perfect time for this to happen as many of us regroup with our families at the holidays!

In Aquarius Venus tends to be less emotional, more concerned with matters of fairness and equality and ensuring that everyone is given fair treatment. Connected to Chiron, however, old wounds and damaged places could erupt in a process that can ultimately be healing for all involved. The key to successfully navigating Chiron events is to pay attention and try not to hide from emotions as they attempt to make themselves known.

During this period watch for there to be greater consideration of others in the public eye as well as in our personal lives. Venus will remain in retrograde motion through February 3, and the conjunction with Chiron will remain in effect for most of the holiday week.

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Bush Update and This Month’s Grand Cross

Thanks to Jill for posting an article by Peter Daou from Salon about the dynamics of a Bush scandal. This corresponds very precisely with the Grand Cross occurring right now between Mars (aggression), Saturn (law/rules/restriction), Neptune (confusion and illusion) and Jupiter (philosophy, expansion):

1. POTUS circumvents the law – an impeachable offense.

Mars/Jupiter brings a sense of disregard (Mars) for established law (Jupiter), or being too self-important (Mars) to follow them.

2. The story breaks (in this case after having been concealed by a news organization until well after Election 2004).

Hidden stories (Neptune) erupting (Mars) into public consciousness (Jupiter) after being blocked by the media (Saturn).

3. The Bush crew floats a number of pushback strategies, settling on one that becomes the mantra of virtually every Republican surrogate. These Republicans face down poorly prepped Dem surrogates and shred them on cable news shows.

At least this part of the process is breaking down under the Grand Cross standoff. Aggressive Republican talking points (Mars) are being challenged by a strengthening opposition (Saturn) and the delusions imposed by the White House (Neptune) are being revealed.

10. The story starts blending into a long string of administration scandals, and through skillful use of scandal fatigue, Bush weathers the storm and moves on, further demoralizing his opponents and cementing the press narrative about his ‘resolve’ and toughness.

Unfortunately the planets are saying that Bush may in fact weather this storm. Although he has a string of difficult Saturn transits earlier in the year, he is currently affected by Jupiter influences that are causing him to be more arrogant (Jupiter/Mars in his chart) than usual, and to care even less for established power structures (Jupiter square to his natal Pluto through next August). More importantly, Pluto (transformation) is making a harmonious aspect to the cusp of his career house, showing that he is likely to achieve success during this period.

We can only hope that through this process he begins to learn from his errors and begin to become a more productive president.

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Sun Enters Capricorn Today

Happy birthday Capricorns! Those born when the Sun was in Capricorn are ruled by Saturn and tend to take their responsibilities very seriously. The mission of Capricorn is to master the material world. In doing so, they may face many challenges and failures, but depending on the other influences in their chart they tend to stay focused and continue their efforts until success is achieved.

Capricorn is tremendously practical and goal oriented, and every relationship and event is filtered through the lens of achievement. Will this person help me in my path? Will this job further my greater goals? But they also have a strong sense of responsibility and are dependable to a fault.

For Capricorns and others born with Saturn prominent in their chart, it is said that they are old when they’re young and young when they’re old. Often in childhood there is tremendous loneliness or a heavy burden of responsibility. But that hard work at an early age brings a strength of character that helps them to blossom in their later life.

Family and community is most important to Capricorn, and their sense of responsibility creates a strong sense of commitment in all of their relationships. As in their careers where they seek to build a successful life, they put all that they have into creating successful partnerships and families.

Capricorn is not all about drudgery and achievement – there is a magic to exerting one’s will on the material world and manifesting that which you desire, and that is the realm in which Capricorn excels. They understand better than anyone that prosperity is a gift from the gods, and they are unapologetic in their pursuit of those gifts. For many of them the material quest must come first, and then the spiritual can follow.

Capricorn is not easy to get to know–they can be deeply introverted and shy. But there is gold beneath the serious exterior that is well worth discovering.

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