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Bitcoin: Uranus square Pluto in action


The story of Bitcoin has the Uranus square Pluto story written all over it. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and began to turn the structures of our life (Capricorn) upside down, tearing down our economy so that it can be rebuilt.  Of course our economy didn’t actually break down and it’s not being rebuilt in a healthier way.  In fact, things are progressing pretty much as they did before the Great Recession which means that we are heading for ANOTHER breakdown.  If a tornado (Pluto) tears down your home because […]

Ten things you should know about astrology

While I’m out of town I’m reposting some older articles you might enjoy. 1.  Your birthchart is much more than your Sun sign.  You have more than ten different astrological signatures in your chart!! The astrology that most people know comes from the horoscope in the newspaper.  If you’re an Aries, you’ll meet an interesting person today.  Libra, it’s time to make a decision.  This kind of astrology is called Sun Sign astrology, and while there are some excellent astrologers doing Sun Sign columns, they are not very useful except in […]

The astrology of Proposition 8

Yesterday’s ruling by a federal district judge overturning Proposition 8 occurred in the midst of a big planetary lineup involving Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  Proposition 8 (the California Marriage Protection Act) restricted the state’s definition of marriage to opposite-sex couples and invalidated all same-sex marriages that had occurred in the state prior to that time. The election of November of 2008 that passed Proposition 8 coincided with  the first opposition between Saturn (conventional thinking and morality) and Uranus (liberation and the breaking free from the status quo).  This […]

“Don’t let astrology support a life of fear”

While I’m out of town I’ve selected some interesting articles to repost. Thank you Astrology News for posting this link from Oculus Divinorum with this link to an article by astrologer Victoria Bazeley that mirrors my feelings on this issue EXACTLY!! I have a pet peeve, and like most pet peeves perhaps, it’s a bit hypocritical. My pet peeve is people who use astrology (or anything else really) to support a life run by fear. I’ve read that Nancy Reagan used to consult an astrologer before her husband did anything and wouldn’t let […]

Pluto Transformations

I am on vacation until November 12th and will try to post as internet access permits.  Meanwhile I am reposting some interesting articles from the past. My husband Rich is a very laid-back guy, nothing bothers him very much. He [was in 2007] in the middle of a transit of Pluto square to his Sun, a transit that can be very difficult as we are forced to face the dark side of our psyche as we enter the Underworld of consciousness that is Pluto’s domain. Pluto transits to the Sun […]

Musings on the Fixed Stars

I am on vacation until November 12th, and until then I am posting some oldies but goodies along with more timely stories as internet access becomes available.  From 2007: Dharmaruci writes: I’ve lately been feeling more dissatisfied than usual with the imaginary nature of the zodiac in modern astrology. The planets are in real places, and their relationships with each other are real, but the constellations that are supposed to be behind them and influencing them are not there. This is partly due to precession, but actually the neat 30 […]

Musings on Planetary Transits and Ten Rules

Note: “transits” are the passing of planets in the sky to planets in our birthchart.  The geometric angles that planets make to either other describe the nature of their interaction.  There are harmonious transits, which bring ease and opportunities; there are also challenging aspects, which can bring discomfort but motivate us to change areas of our life that aren’t working.  For more information see this article on my website. Everyone experiences planetary transits differently, and that’s why what we call “cookbook” interpretations, while helpful, can only go so far.  Depending […]

Astrology in my world: Saturn in action

A few weeks ago I went to Dulcimer Week at the Swannanoa Gathering, which is a series of music workshops held at a wonderful little college outside of Asheville.  I’ve been taking hammered dulcimer lessons for about a year and a half, and it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Even harder than learning astrology! I’ve always been fairly musical (Neptune is conjunct my Sun within one degree) and with Gemini rising I like to say I’ve forgotten more instruments than most people ever learn.  Gemini needs […]

Where art and astrology combine

A collaboration of abstract paintings by Denver artist Tracy Weil and “horoscope-inspired poems” by writer Drew Myron is on display in Colorado at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  The exhibit, called “Forecast,” will also feature astrology readings although the article doesn’t say who will do the readings. Myron and Weil call themselves “amateur astrologists,” so I hope they are not the ones doing the readings.  Astrologist technically isn’t a real word.