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Saturn in Libra and musings on Mad Men and beauty

Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus is the goddess of love and beauty.  Venus bestows the power of attraction, and this includes physical attractiveness as well as personal magnetism.  With Saturn in Libra, our ideas of beauty and our ability to relate to others are tested, and those of us with Saturn in Libra are tested in our individual lives. I was disturbed by the Mad Men finale the other night in which Don Draper threw aside his carefully crafted veneer of intelligent pragmatism and fell hook line and […]

Saturn in Virgo: How safe are our beauty products?


Virgo is about a return to purity and respect for the mind/body/spirit connection, and for this reason it is connected to matters of health and healing. Ever since Saturn entered Virgo last fall, we have been confronted by revelations about factors in our environment that affect our health. With three planets in Libra, beauty products have been a big part of my life.  I love cosmetics and experimenting with different types of makeup and skincare.  Still, with Mercury and Venus both in the sixth house (ruled by Virgo) I have a […]

Beauty and value in the second house

Last week I heard a show on NPR that highlighted a woman who had always been unattractive because of her big nose until she had an accident and the doctor suggested that while she was having surgery that she have her nose fixed. After the surgery, according to her own account she was “a babe.” As a result, she had a unique perspective on what it’s like to be pretty vs. “ugly.” The second house is most commonly associated with money and wealth, but it also houses our personal resources, […]