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The McCain-Palin Ticket: An Astrological Perspective


Note: This will be my last political post for a short while – politics is fascinating but too much of anything is not always a good thing. An obsession with politics can too easily take us away from our own internal process and a life that is grounded in a greater reality. (If you missed Friday’s article about Sarah Palin, catch up here.) One of the most interesting tools that astrology provides is a glimpse into the inner workings of interpersonal relationships.  Evidently McCain only met Sarah Palin once, at […]

McCain Picks a VP

Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, is John McCain’s new choice for Vice President. Palin brings an interesting combination of political and personal characteristics to the McCain ticket.  She fought vigorously against the widespread corruption in the Alaska political system, even to the detrment of her own party.  She hunts, fishes, and won a beauty pageant in 1984.  She has five children including an 18-year old son who deploys soon to Iraq and an infant with Down Syndrome, and calls herself a “hockey mom.”  She is strongly “pro-life”, meaning she opposes abortion, […]

John McCain’s Planetary Problems

John McCain

John McCain’s Virgo Sun is undergoing a transit of Saturn which began last November, took a second hit in February, and just concluded.  Because of Saturn’s tendency to create limitations and challenge, the transit of Saturn to the Sun can make it difficult for any individual to express themselves in the best light. McCain’s greatest weakness is his inability to relate well to others, as shown in the opposition between Saturn and Venus (love and relationships) in his birthchart.  To exacerbate the situation even more, Saturn in his chart is […]

Thoughts on the August 1 Eclipse

August 1 will bring a total solar eclipse, occurring at 6:12 am EDT. The solar eclipse occurs astronomically with an alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth so that the Moon blocks the light of the Sun to us here on Earth. Astrologically, the solar eclipse occurs at the time of a New Moon, with the solar conscious principle conjoining the lunar unconscious principle in close proximity to the nodes of the Moon, or the Dragon’s Head and Tail. The nodes of the Moon describe our evolutionary journey, with […]

John McCain: President Hothead?

A couple of years ago I wrote a post entitled “John McCain will never be president,” and followed it up with “John McCain will never be president Part II.” I never posted a complete profile of McCain on my website because it never occurred to me that two years later he would be the Republican nominee for president. I don’t like to be wrong, but I sure called it wrong this time. So I have now posted that McCain profile on my site here. Jill had a very interesting post […]