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Jupiter was almost a star

I’m mostly posting on this because it’s such a fantastic photo from the Cassini probe (Source: Daily Galaxy).  The article is pretty incredible too: Jupiter, the most massive planet in our solar system — with dozens of moons and an enormous magnetic field — resembles a star in composition, but it did not grow big enough to ignite. The planet’s swirling cloud stripes are broken by storms, the most massive being the Great Red Spot, which has raged for hundreds of years. New thermal images from powerful ground-based telescopes show […]

Jupiter retrograde, August 30 2011

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” –Alexander Graham Bell This morning as I was walking my dog I listened to a podcast of This American Life called “Million Dollar Idea.”  One of the stories was about Michael Larson, a perpetual seeker of “The Big Opportunity” who ended up beating a game show’s formula in 1984.  The game show was ironically titled “Press Your Luck.” According to the program, Larson was always in search of that […]

New Moon in Virgo, August 28 2011


New Moons are the beginning of a new lunar cycle and a time to wash away the past and begin anew. What we call the astrological New Moon, the exact moment in which the Sun and Moon are aligned in a new zodiacal sign, is actually the dark of the Moon.  Not a sliver of the Moon is visible at this time: it is absolute potentiality.  The previous cycle is complete, and something new is beginning. In Virgo the New Moon brings greater attention to health, diet, personal hygiene, and […]

Jupiter joins the Summer Retrogrades

I’ll begin by quoting myself: When planets are retrograde, their influence becomes more subtle; more internalized. It can be more difficult to achieve momentum in the areas over which the planet presides. It may be necessary to apply a greater conscious intention to areas of life ruled by that planet. When all three outer planets retrograde at once we are often forced to perfect a part of our life that has been neglected and which is holding us back from evolving as individuals. Jupiter turned retrograde yesterday, joining Chiron, Neptune […]

The Jupiter Station

Kenna asked me about the Jupiter station which is occurring now before Jupiter turns direct on Monday. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since November of 2006 where the relentless optimism of Jupiter in its own sign has been driving the US stock market to ever greater heights and creating huge expansion in the economies of other countries as well. Jupiter turned retrograde in April of 2007 and that expansion began to face some opposition from a more reality-based perspective. As it stations to turn direct its influence becomes more pronounced. […]

Retail sales drop in April

poster by Shan Kelly According to Reuters: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Sales by U.S. retailers fell 0.2 percent to a seasonally adjusted $372.03 billion in April as soaring gasoline prices and a slumping housing industry sapped consumers’ appetite for spending, a Commerce Department report on Friday showed. The report offered persuasive signs that the combined stress from costlier fuel and falling housing prices were turning consumers cautious – spending on building materials took the biggest tumble in more than four years and new-car sales fell by the largest amount since mid-2006. […]

Mars in Pisces and other planetary news

Mars entered the watery sign of Pisces yesterday, where it seeks to adapt and flow rather than assert its own energy. Mars, our aggressive instinct, is rather ineffective in Pisces where though very creative it is less able to assert the desire nature as Mars is supposed to do. Pisces seeks the path of least resistance to bliss, and Mars in Pisces can tend to suppress that aggressive urge in order to flow. There is potential here for passive aggressive behaviors and hidden agendas, particularly with the opposition between Saturn […]