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Mars turns direct, April 13-15 2012


Note: Planets are said to be “retrograde” when they appear to move backwards from our perspective on Earth.  They are not actually moving backwards, or “the wrong way” as a friend of mine likes to say.  And there is nothing “wrong” about retrogrades – it’s a normal planetary cycle. Retrograde periods help us to reassess and revisit areas of life that require more attention before we can move on with our lives, but for this reason they can be somewhat frustrating and demand attention. Although Mars didn’t actually turn retrograde […]

Pluto retrograde hits the stock market

The US stock markets saw their steepest declines of the year today after a week of downward movement as Pluto slowed down to a crawl in preparation to turn retrograde today. A very brief (5 minute) study disproved my initial theory that Pluto retrograde events correlated with a downturn in the stock market.  But every market period is different and brings with it unique combinations of planetary energies that affect investors in different ways. The stock market has been on an upswing since November, buoyed by the perception that the […]

Astrology in my world: Mars, Pluto and the Astrological Musings blog

If you’re on my mailing list you received an announcement about the change to this blog, but some of you have emailed me wanting to know what has happened so here’s the scoop (the abbreviated version): Many of you have been with me since the beginning in 2005 when I was on the Blogger platform.  In 2007 I was contacted by Beliefnet who wanted to carry my blog on their site, and in 2008 I agreed and signed a contract with them.  They pulled the RSS feed of all of […]

Pluto turns retrograde April 10th

letting go of the past

I don’t know where this image came from but I found it here. Having just completed a retrograde turn of Mercury, and just coming out of the retrograde period of Mars, you may not be overjoyed to learn that now Pluto will turn retrograde. However, like everything else astrological, retrograde Pluto serves a higher purpose. The outer planets travel retrograde for about six months every year, and for the last 30 years or so they have been retrograde in the summer (northern hemisphere). When a planet changes direction it is […]

Pluto retrograde, April-September 2011


As we know, astrology is not astronomically correct and planets don’t really move backwards. But occasionally from our perspective the apparent direction of their movement changes, which we call “retrograde.” Most of us are familiar by now with Mercury retrograde periods, which (because Mercury is the messenger planet and deals with all kinds of communication and communication devices) tend to bring about communication glitches and endless renegotiations of contracts.  Even people who don’t “believe in” astrology know that when Mercury is retrograde, things are just different. This doesn’t mean, though, […]

Pluto retrograde and a new nuclear arms pact

As I wrote a few days ago, “Pluto is associated with war of the nuclear type” so it is an interesting synchronicity of timing that just as Pluto changed direction to retrograde, President Obama of the US and President Medvedev of Russia signed a historic arms control treaty, hoping to reverse the challenging relationship between the two superpowers and to reduce the number of nuclear arms stockpiled by both nations. Retrograde periods of any planet tend to turn our attention to the past and to any areas of our lives […]

Pluto prepares to retrograde and another earthquake


Happy Monday Morning! A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico and California yesterday, a force equivalent to the earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this year.  This quake occurred right on schedule according to astrologer Richard Nolle who predicted an upsurge in seismic activity during the March 27-April 5 time period around the Libra Full Moon.  Richard has long written that when the Moon is at perigee (closest to the earth) her influence is more powerful and more likely to induce seismic activity and we have certainly seen that over the last […]

Pluto changes direction today, September 11, and Astrology in my world

Today is the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, but it’s also the day that Pluto changes direction.  Planets don’t really move backwards, but they appear to do so because we observe their motions from our vantage point here on earth.  When they do, we call that “retrograde motion” and Pluto has been retrograde since early April of this year. Pluto was the god of the Underworld, and he takes that role astrologically as well.  He brings us into the realm of the subconscious, the dark and frightening, the secret […]

Thoughts on Pluto as it retrogrades today


Art by Willow Arlenea. Pluto has been slowing down for the past month or so in preparation for making its station, and we have seen a dramatic increase of violent acts including several mass murders during that period, particularly around the time of the New Moon in Aries.  Planets don’t actually move backwards, but because in astrology we look at the movement of the planets from car it is not astronomically correct.  Astrology places the human being at the center of the universe and analyzes planetary motion from that perspective. When […]

Skywatch for April is posted!


You can read the whole article on my website, but here’s the info for the first few days of April: The first week in April we are building towards a challenging square of Venus to Pluto that is a new peak for the tension that began with the Aries New Moon on March 26th which also formed a square to Pluto. Pluto is the planet represented by the Underworld, and the presence of Pluto typically signifies a deepening of the intensity with which we approach the day-to-day matters of our life. The […]