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Sunday Saturn inspiration: “Routine is freedom from time”

“Routine is not a prison, but the way to freedom from time.  The apparently measured time has immeasurable space within it, and in this it resembles music.” ― May Sarton I’m afraid I have still been a bit in the Underworld after a very trying twelve months, but a bit more rest and rejuvenation and I will be back in full swing.  The Planetary Illuminations report had to go on hiatus in October but will be back in November. Saturn is preparing to square my Moon, and as the Prince of […]

Pluto in Capricorn: Passing through the gate of wisdom


My friend Gary shared this article by Michael Meade and it’s so applicable to the current passage of Pluto through Capricorn.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, also known as the Greek Kronos, also known as “Father Time.”  Saturn and Capricorn remind us that our life is short and that we must be smart about how we spend the time that is allotted to us. In traditional cultures, the elders are expected to remember the essential things that everyone else keeps forgetting. After “growing up,” a person is supposed to grow […]

Saturn gets a bad rap

Dharmaruci has a good article about Saturn’s role in Western society.  DR and I have known each other for about four years – we follow each other’s blog and at one point cross-posted for each other.  On Sunday we’ll be having lunch together in Glastonbury!  Life is an adventure. Saturn sits on my Sun in my own chart, and I am very familiar with his many virtues so I particularly like the spin in this article. Saturn sets boundaries and limitations and pushes us to achieve, to become good at […]

Jeff Jawer on Saturn’s Last Days in Virgo

Jeff Jawer has a great new article on Saturn’s last days through the sign of Virgo.  My favorite part: Saturn is the planet that says “no” but means “yes”. It exposes problems and places of dissatisfaction. Yet the clarity that it brings can reveal the steps necessary to improve the situation. Traditional astrology focused on the “no” side, calling Saturn “the Greater Malefic,” or biggest bad guy of all the planets. This extremely negative perspective has shifted a bit with modern psychological astrology that recognizes the transformational power of individuals […]

The Nature of Grief and Astrological Cycles

Throughout this year, with Chiron and Neptune traveling together, many of my clients have called me with overwhelming feelings of grief.  Often there is an event that appears to have caused these intense emotions, but sometimes the feelings appear to stem from events that occurred long ago.  A client who had mourned the loss of her mother that happened nine years ago.  Another who grieved the loss of her first marriage many years ago.  Suddenly, after many years, the emotions welled up seemingly from nowhere to take over their lives. […]

Astrology in my world: Saturn in action

A few weeks ago I went to Dulcimer Week at the Swannanoa Gathering, which is a series of music workshops held at a wonderful little college outside of Asheville.  I’ve been taking hammered dulcimer lessons for about a year and a half, and it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Even harder than learning astrology! I’ve always been fairly musical (Neptune is conjunct my Sun within one degree) and with Gemini rising I like to say I’ve forgotten more instruments than most people ever learn.  Gemini needs […]

Saturn, Saturn, Saturn, and a lesson on retrogrades


Saturn, you may remember, is the planet that surrounds itself with rings.  This is an apt metaphor for the restrictive quality that Saturn represents and which is the predominant influence right now.  We have Pluto having just entered the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn and shares its love of restriction, limitation, hard work, social mores, governmental structures.  And now we have Saturn preparing to turn retrograde. Planets obviously don’t ever move backwards, but astrology is not astronomically correct.  Yes, scientists – it’s true, because astrologers view the motion […]

Jeremy Piven, Mercury Poisoning, and the Saturn Effect

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven has left the Broadway production of Speed the Plow after being diagnosed with mercury poisoning.  Piven, who apparently eats lots of sushi and eats some kind of fish twice a day, sought medical treatment for exhaustion and excessive fatigue.  He was found to have elevated mercury levels that were five to six times the normal level. Clearly, this is a medical condition rather than a psychosomatic one.  But the timing of it is interesting in light of Saturn transits that Piven is going through right now.  Jeremy Piven […]

Growing Up on Prozac

I was just listening to NPR in the car, and Talk of the Nation had a story called “Growing Up on Antidepressants” which interested me greatly and I’ve written on this subject before. There were several callers to the show who had been taking Prozac or similar drugs since they were in their teens, and they commented that when they stop taking the drug they don’t feel like themselves; they don’t feel that they can live a normal life. Everyone experiences depression to some extent or another, but some people […]

Today’s Planetary News

We have a couple of interesting planetary configurations now that will last for a few more days. One is a Grand Trine that includes the Sun in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Virgo that began a couple of days ago when all planets were at 1 degree. We are as close now to a trine as Saturn and Pluto will be until the year 2030, and this is a powerful trine that enables us to build structures (Saturn) that facilitate change and transformation (Pluto). We are still seeing […]