Apologies and the Libra Full Moon

You may remember that the Full Moon in Libra on April first included a trine to Pluto, the god of transformation, and I noted in an earlier post that this seemed to have stimulated a new sense of political diplomacy. We also have been seeing a rash of apologies over the past two weeks:

  1. Here in North Carolina, the House of Representatives passed a resolution formally apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow laws.
  2. Also here in North Carolina, the “rogue prosecutor” Mike Nifong apologized to the three Duke Lacrosse players for robbing them of a year of their lives with a baseless criminal prosecution.
  3. Don Imus apologized for being his usual ass*&%$ self.
  4. Paul Wolfowitz has apologized for giving his girlfriend huge raises as part of his employment at the World Bank.
  5. Republican Mike Huckabee suggested that prominent Republican presidential candidates with a history of infidelity should apologize for their treatment of Bill Clinton.
  6. Seven states are considering bills that would permit a physician to apologize to patients without fear of liability.

Apologizing is a Libran trait – it helps to smooth the waters and bring a return of the harmony that Libra so longs for, and the compulsive influence during the Full Moon of Pluto to effect changes is creating dialogue across the country about what kind of apology is sufficient to heal the damage.

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Pluto trine the Libra Full Moon – a new kind of diplomacy?:

I can’t help but look at Nancy Pelosi’s renegade trip to Syria in light of the recent Full Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign of diplomacy and relationship building, and the Full Moon, of which we are still basking in its shadow, made a trine to Pluto which generates transformation and powerful change.

The foreign policy of George Bush consists of ignoring nations that you don’t agree with and bullying those that you do agree with, and most thinking people agree that this has not been an effective strategy. The contrast between Nancy Pelosi’s trips to the Middle East, where she encouraged a dialogue between nations, and that of Condoleeza Rice which consisted more of bullying and criticism, was striking.

Also under the Full Moon, the British government quietly handed back to Iran a political prisoner in exchange for the release of British Sailors by the government of Iran. In my view, this was a lovely example of how a little give and take can solve an immediate issue and make everyone look like heroes.

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Full Moon in Libra 2007

The Full Moon in Libra today has a decidedly airy quality, making this an excellent time for visualization and the birthing of new ideas. Libra is the sign of relationships, but it is an air sign so it tends to focus more on the idea of relationships than the actual experience of bonding. The Libra Moon is opposed by the Aries Sun, so there is a duality present in this Full Moon between our partnerships (Libra) and the need for us to express our own needs (Aries). In the Full Moon period the Sun illuminates the Moon, offering an opportunity to balance the polarity and achieve greater wisdom.

Adding to the focus in air (the element of communication and ideas) of this lunation is a conjunction of Mercury (planet of communication and ideas) to Uranus (planet of radically new communication and ideas). You are probably beginning to see a theme here! Uranus is said to be the “higher octave” of Mercury, meaning that the processing of information occurs at a higher level and with more potential for transformation. We can be incredibly creative now, with uniquely individual (Uranus) ideas (Mercury). The need for independence is amplified by a square of Mercury to Jupiter which craves freedom to explore and develop one’s own theology. There is a great deal of potential for arguments under this comination and the surety that one’s position is the correct one.

Uranus tends to prefer to operate solo and independently, so our partnerships as illuminated by this Full Moon are more of a conceptual nature. While the focus of the Libra Moon is on achieving balance and harmony in relationships, this is accomplished by breathing fresh air into all of our partnerships and by celebrating the unique gifts of each individual. A square from Venus to Saturn adds a layer of loneliness and isolation as the efforts of Venus to forge connections are rebuffed by cool Saturn. Still, a trine from Chiron to the Full Moon opens the doorway to healing of any difficulties that arise; communication is the key to this Airy period and is facilitated by a trine of Venus to Mercury.

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More on the Pisces Eclipse

pisces-eclipseNeil Paris has a way of describing planetary events in a way that make them real to people that don’t really get the planets. Here’s a bit of what he has to say on the eclipse:

As the Sun is covered by the shadow of the Moon, emotions (moon) cloud our very being momentarily. Suddenly we’re irrational creatures, operating entirely through our unconscious motivations (namely all those reactions that have been repeated so often as to become part of our ‘auto-pilot survival system’.) So expect some old patterns to play out which will force you to stop and say ‘Whoa – this again?’.

This time we get to do it differently, by choosing to DELIBERATELY REACT DIFFERENTLY.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign because it involves a surrender of sorts – a cosmic orgasm, a sigh of “reality-relief” when we exhale, let go, release and give it up. Give what up? The emotion, the desire, the game, the fight, the trying, the maintaining, the working, the stress, the frustration, the elation, the hope, the anxiety, the excitement, the possibility.

We just are.

Everyone on Earth is participating in this grand Letting Go. Some people will choose to exit their bodies at this time (which is a regular daily occurrence but which may become significantly higher at this time, whether in the public eye or the person on the street) because death is a form of letting go. There are many manifestations:

Suddenly you don’t want to keep pushing and you stop all activity and just breathe.
You decide to go swimming instead of sitting around stressing about what to do next.
You sleep in an extra 12 hours with no alarm clock.
You cry – at a memory, a movie, something happens to dissolve your inner walls and helps you feel again
You drink like a fish and stagger home chuckling
You drink like a fish and wind up in hospital
You’re high on drugs and repeat the first two steps
You tap into some Spiritual Power than enables you to paint THE most amazing picture, writ e a blockbuster novel or wind up helping someone out just when they were going to give up

There’s a big difference between giving up now, and surrendering it up. One is quitting, the other is quitting pushing/blocking/forcing/manipulating energy and becoming stressed out because things aren’t working “the way you want them to work”.

This Solar Eclipse is wonderful for taking a break from reality – for getting “high” in a way that brings us closer together with our real selves (the stripped down sensitive soul we all have hidden not far beneath the surface) instead of further away from that core, through playing victim to life’s tumultuous tides.

So – Make Your Wish. Choose your Reality. Design your Destiny.
Focus. Give it full emotional power – how much do you want it.
Finally – breathe out and let it go.

Life teaches us one thing, no matter what else is happening – to take it in, but then let it out.
Like breathing. No matter what is happening, we can’t forget to exhale. To let go of what we’ve taken in.

The Great Karmic Completion is here, but the new dawn begins when we can release the night and not hold on, by keeping our own Suns down – our sun sign in Astrology is the gift given, the life path chosen, the energy we’re here to shine into the world.

Read more here.

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New Moon Eclipse and the power of Pluto

The Sun will conjunct the Moon and the shadow will obscure them both in a partial solar eclipse at 10:43 pm est on March 18. It will be too dark to see in the Americas, but in Russia, India, China and the northern portions of Alaska the Sun will be partially obscured by the shadow of the earth.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, but as I’ve mentioned this is the last of a series (eight!) of New Moons in the last degrees of a sign, this time at the end of Pisces. I personally feel that this is symbolic of the closing of a chapter in the human experience. This past year has been tremendously powerful from an astrological perspective: we had six planets in retrograde motion at one time last summer, an opposition from Saturn to Chiron, a grand square that reverberated through the first half of the year and an opposition from Saturn to Neptune closing out the second half of the year along with this series of late degree New Moons. And then we had the reclassification of Pluto and the promotion of Ceres and the new Eris, indicating that something new is ready to enter the human consciousness.

Pluto will be exactly square to the lunation, suggesting a strong undercurrent of powerful impulses that may remain at the unconscious level, particularly since Pluto will be eclipsed by earth’s shadow when it passed in front of a star in the Sagittarius constellation. The New Moon in Pisces has a yearning for peace, for a transcendent experience of perfect love and compassion. The square from Pluto sends a rumbling message through the collective psyche that makes peace impossible until our deepest and darkest emotions are recognized and released. Pluto’s realm delves into our rage and jealousy, our fears and compulsions, and requires that we let go of anything that no longer serves us in order to become transformed and evolve.

The dual eclipse events of both the Moon and of Pluto describe a somewhat hidden component to the lunation. Because New Moons are new beginnings, this event is a perfect time to make friends with the shadow that we all carry within us and incorporate its power into our own. An exact trine of Jupiter to Saturn provides the vision and discipline to facilitate the achievement of our goals as well!

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