Full Moon Eclipse on Tuesday

The Full Moon is a lunar eclipse and takes place on March 14 at 6:35 pm EST in Virgo, the sign of discrimination that seeks perfection. The Virgo influence is cautious and geared towards helping others and being of service. This Full Moon is in conflict (square aspect) with Pluto, god of the underworld and transformation, showing that emotions (Moon) will be that much more intense (Pluto) and secrets and mysteries will be exposed and revealed (Pluto).

During an eclipse, the earth blocks the Sun’s light (conscious mind) from reaching the Moon (instinct and emotions). During these periods the world is immersed in total darkness, causing great fear among ancient civilizations. Some believed a dragon ate the Moon during an eclipse, plunging the world into darkness. During a Full Moon our instinctive nature is more powerful and the solar conscious principle is weakened. Full Moons in general are time of heightened emotions and passions, and during a lunar eclipses the instincts rule in the darkness. Our Truth resides in our instinctive reactions, and eclipses offer an opportunity to face a deeper reality than the one we encounter in our everyday world: the reality of our deepest feelings and wisdom.

During the eclipse, retrograde Mercury will trine Jupiter, bringing positive and optimistic (Jupiter) ideas (Mercury) to the table and offering expansion (Jupiter) to our everyday experiences (Mercury). Venus conjuncts Chiron at this time as well, inspiring the healing (Chiron) of relationship issues (Venus) and expanding our creative wisdom. Full moons are times of culmination, of completion. During an eclipse of the moon, some of our emotional scaffolding that we have built for our protection will begin to collapse if it is no longer needed. We may feel somewhat lost at first, but later we will see that we no longer need this scaffolding after all. Emotions will be intensified with the Full Moon in square to Pluto, and this will be a powerful time for ritual and meditation.

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New Moon Tomorrow

“The moon for all her light and grace has never learned to know her place….”
from Robert Frost’s poem, Two Leading Lights
art by Deanna Hartman

The New Moon occurs on January 29 at 9:15 am EST. The Sun and Moon will be conjunct in Aquarius, as part of a powerful collection of five planets in Aquarius within 13 degrees that also includes Chiron (the wounded healer), Mercury (communication issues) and Neptune (mystery and transcendence). Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is known as the “higher octave” of Mercury because it opens us up to a higher level of knowledge and understanding with briliant flashes of insight. For this reason Aquarius is associated with invention and technological breakthroughs, as well as the more psychological traits of eccentricity and uniqueness.

With such a strong Aquarian influence we may find ourselves opening to fields of knowledge yet not understand where this knowledge is coming from. We may find our nervous system accelerating to a point where it becomes uncomfortable for some of us, particularly if we are more grounded and cautious by nature. The New Moon will be opposed by Saturn, which will help to anchor some of this energy and ground it into the practical realm, but if you find yourself experiencing discomfort during this powerful time you may want to engage in grounding activities such as physical exercise and walks in nature.

New Moons are times of regeneration, of new beginnings. When the New Moon is in Aquarius, there is a call to awaken a part of ourselves that has been dormant and to reach for our highest aspirations.

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Powerful Full Moon Coming Up!

And all the night’s magic seems to whisper and hush. And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush.
— Van Morrison, “Moondance”

Full Moons occur when the solar conscious principle of the Sun opposes the instinctive lunar principle of the Moon. For thousands of years, humans have been mystified by full moons, attributing to them great power. Although there are studies on both sides of the aisle, there are several scientific studies demonstrating an increased murder rate at the full moon. Hospital workers tell us that more babies are born during the full moon. Police say that they get more family violence calls.

The tension of the Grand Cross of December is moving away, but several of the planets involved are still caught in the dance. Mars (aggression, warfare) is moving away from a square to Saturn (discipline, leadership) and into an opposition with Jupiter (philosophy, overconfidence). (for more information on this powerful configuration you may want to read some of these articles). Difficult Mars/Jupiter aspects tend to create an atmosphere of arrogance and self-righteousness as Jupiter’s confidence creates a tension with the aggressive Mars energies. Watch for bombastic talk from people in the news, and in our personal lives we may find ourselves drawn into arguments over philosophy and religion as Mars approaches the exact opposition with Jupiter on January 14th.

Misty Neptune is drawn into this game as well and begins to confuse the issues. Neptune encourages self-sacrifice and martyrdom, and this could be a time where suicide attacks increase as the urge for martyrdom collides with religious arrogance, culminating on January 16 when Mars squares Neptune exactly and Jupiter is within one degree. In the middle of this falls the Full Moon in Cancer on January 14 at 4:47 am EST, personalizing the tension of the Mars/Neptune/Jupiter configuration. With the Moon in nurturing Cancer opposing the Capricorn Sun, there may be some tension between home life (Cancer) and career motivations (Capricorn). Cancer longs to stay close to home, and Capricorn works hard for public recognition.

This Full Moon makes no aspect to the other planets, showing that it will have a powerful effect this month, unhampered by other influences. Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself, this is likely to be a time of emotional flux, moodiness, and challenging dynamics in the home. Taking extra care to nourish and nurture family members during this time will help to bring out the best of this time.

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The Secret Moon

Beth Owl’s daughter reminds me:

By the way, as I’ve been discussing on my website, this New Moon is also a second New Moon in one month, as rare as Blue Moons, but not as widely known (since by definition, they are invisible)! Folklore calls the second New Moon the Black Moon. It has also been called the Secret Moon,the Finder’s Moon, and the Spinner Moon. It carries with it all the deep, wonderful magic of the New Moon, like planting the seed, new beginnings, and sending out our intention in order to manifest our heart’s desires. Plus it is believed that the second dark moon is THE time of greatest power within the mysterious realms and any magick worked during this time is particularly powerful.

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New Moon December 30

The New Moon this month is in Capricorn on December 30 at 10:11 PM EST. New Moons occur when the lunar principle of emotional mind fuses with the solar principle of conscious mind (the sun conjunct the moon). New moons are times of beginnings, of clearings of old baggage and making a new start. How appropriate that this New Moon occurs just before the New Year, and in Capricorn, the sign of discipline and focus. This is the perfect time to create intention for the new year, to go beyond setting mere resolutions, but hone your focus and intent to create that which you desire in your life. This New Moon makes a trine to Mars, making the physical energy available to make it happen. Mars is square Saturn, so there is some blockage of the energy, but consistent focus will help to break through any blocks you encounter so that you can begin to manifest effectively.

Also in play during this New Moon is a conjunction of Mercury with Pluto in Sagittarius. Mercury represents mental function and Pluto is power and regeneration. Mercury/Pluto periods can help sharpen our focus even more, like a laser with precision and intensity. In Sagittarius Mercury is optimistic and buoyant, and offers the confidence required to believe that all things are possible.

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