New Moon Eclipse and the power of Pluto

The Sun will conjunct the Moon and the shadow will obscure them both in a partial solar eclipse at 10:43 pm est on March 18. It will be too dark to see in the Americas, but in Russia, India, China and the northern portions of Alaska the Sun will be partially obscured by the shadow of the earth.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, but as I’ve mentioned this is the last of a series (eight!) of New Moons in the last degrees of a sign, this time at the end of Pisces. I personally feel that this is symbolic of the closing of a chapter in the human experience. This past year has been tremendously powerful from an astrological perspective: we had six planets in retrograde motion at one time last summer, an opposition from Saturn to Chiron, a grand square that reverberated through the first half of the year and an opposition from Saturn to Neptune closing out the second half of the year along with this series of late degree New Moons. And then we had the reclassification of Pluto and the promotion of Ceres and the new Eris, indicating that something new is ready to enter the human consciousness.

Pluto will be exactly square to the lunation, suggesting a strong undercurrent of powerful impulses that may remain at the unconscious level, particularly since Pluto will be eclipsed by earth’s shadow when it passed in front of a star in the Sagittarius constellation. The New Moon in Pisces has a yearning for peace, for a transcendent experience of perfect love and compassion. The square from Pluto sends a rumbling message through the collective psyche that makes peace impossible until our deepest and darkest emotions are recognized and released. Pluto’s realm delves into our rage and jealousy, our fears and compulsions, and requires that we let go of anything that no longer serves us in order to become transformed and evolve.

The dual eclipse events of both the Moon and of Pluto describe a somewhat hidden component to the lunation. Because New Moons are new beginnings, this event is a perfect time to make friends with the shadow that we all carry within us and incorporate its power into our own. An exact trine of Jupiter to Saturn provides the vision and discipline to facilitate the achievement of our goals as well!

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Aquarian New Moon

New Moon over the Atlantic” by Mark Daffey from

The New Moon on February 17 links the Sun and the Moon in Aquarius, the sign of idealism, innovation and revolution. Aquarius is the radical, the inventor – it seeks to change the status quo and provides vision for change. There is an electrical quality to Aquarius that can be unsettling for those of us who are more earth-bound, but if we let go to our attachment to the Way Things Are, the Aquarian process can be exhilarating.

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and is therefore a good time for beginnings of all kinds. In the Islamic calendar the New Moon is determined as the exact time when the first crescent of the moon is actually seen, but the astrological New Moon is considered the conjunction of the Sun and Moon. The conscious Self and the instinctual Moon conjoin and there is a new focus and new direction.

This New Moon is exactly sextile to Pluto, a harmonious interaction that facilitates transformation and new beginnings (Pluto) and a letting go of anything that keeps us from being our authentic selves (Aquarius). This is the one of a series of New Moons in the last degrees of a sign, symbolizing a new beginning that arises from completion of the past. The addition of Pluto to the mix, with its ability to remove from our path anything that no longer serves us, shows that we are at the end of this cycle of beginnings that are endings and ready to move into the future with renewed clarity.

There is also an exact square of Jupiter to the Moon’s nodes, suggesting that the urge for expansion and the search for meaning (Jupiter) conflicts now with the natural evolutionary process (the lunar nodes). The challenging transits of Jupiter can bring over-expansion and over-confidence, and these qualities can keep us from our path if we’re not careful now. Jupiter is still within range of its square to Uranus, a rather eccentric and even reckless dynamic that will remain in effect for much of the year. Jupiter expands the desire of Uranus for change, and because Uranus rules Aquarius, this Aquarian New Moon resonates with the same vibration and will be deeply affected by the Jupiter/Uranus combination.

Change is what is called for now – letting go of any shackles that hold us back and stepping boldly into the future. Uranus, and the Aquarian influence which is its partner, is the awakener; it shakes us out of our deep sleep and opens our eyes to a new day. The entire world is alive with new possibilities now but we should not forget the beauty of moderation.

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Friday poetry for the Full Moon

Midnight Temptations

Under the moon,
the fill blazing moon
In quiet repose i would waste away.
Dreaming, loving, letting myself fully bloom
Where peace is master,
Where grief has been slayed.
On soft, sweet smelling grass is where i’d sleep
With only Heaven’s blanket over me.
Cool fresh air is the company i’d keep
Forever mild nights my eternal destiny.
On vast cliffs overlooking the ocean
Day would be the moon directly above.
I’d gaze happily with no notions
Other than the benediction of Love.
Forever under the moon,
My tormented heart would beat glad.
Under the full blazing moon
I’d never again be sad.

Lamont Haywood

Artwork: Harvest Moon, by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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New Moon on Thursday

The Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms
Credit & Copyright: Laurent Laveder

Thursday’s New Moon falls in Taurus on the afternoon of April 27. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and represents all the sensual pleasures that life on earth has to offer: good food, comfortable clothing, soft touch. New Moons represent beginnings, and this New Moon squares the Saturn/Chiron opposition which is applying (coming together) until it is exact again for the second time in June. The Saturn/Chiron opposition puts pressure (Saturn) on us to face areas of our life that need healing (Chiron), and will challenge us to take seriously any new ventures that we begin now.

This New Moon will be a good time to honor the challenges and emotional crises we may be experiencing, particularly if the Saturn/Chiron opposition is affecting our own charts, while taking a step back and realize the perspective of a human being living on Planet Earth. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing. Farmers markets are open and we can take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables. Taurus teaches that sometimes the simplest things are the ones that give us peace and serenity.

The expansion of Jupiter is nearly exactly trine the radical ideals of Uranus, so don’t be surprised if you encounter the unexpected, particularly during the next week. With Venus in sensitive Pisces moving into a square to the intensity of Pluto, though, relationships could be challenged. This is not a time to skim the surface – either dive in and get intense or take your space. Layers of the onion are peeling back and exposing what’s real right now.

As Robert Wilkinson writes,

[W}ithin the sphere of the New Moon influence, be ready to turn a corner in some relationship, and follow the mental tension, riding the feeling of striving into a new view, a new mental environment, and new understandings of how your discoveries need to be exteriorized in the near future. Drop everyone and everything getting you lost in loose ends or preventing you from getting the concrete results you want from your life and efforts. Move into a deeper compassion and/or empathy, and allow whatever needs to be refined to go through its modifications, taking care of the details.

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Libra Full Moon: Seeking Peace in the Midst of a Storm

Photo by Tony Howell

The Moon is full in Libra tomorrow – Libra is the sign of love and beauty, striving for peace, harmony and balance. This Full Moon harmonizes with the Mars/Pluto (see below) opposition, shining a light on any dark places to inspire resolution and illumination. Mercury (communication) is in direct conflict with the Mars/Pluto opposition tomorrow, showing that there will be communication difficulties. But if all viewpoints are permitted to enter the circle resolution can take place.

Peace is not just the absence of war, it is a sense of deep trust and enduring faith that life is unfolding exactly as needed in order to continue the transformational process. Challenges and difficulties become but bumps along the road, and no longer have the power to destroy us. We become strong and anchored in truth and like the rocks in this photo, gain the peace that comes from recognition of the ephemeral nature of life.

Eckhart Tolle has a remarkable perspective on the power of stillness and the nature of reality:

You are not just a meaningless fragment in an alien universe, briefly suspended between life and death, allowed a few short-lived pleasures followed by pain and ultimate annihilation. Underneath your outer form, you are connected with something so vast, so immeasurable and sacred, that it cannot be spoken of – yet I am speaking of it now. I am speaking of it now not to give you something to believe in but to show you how you can know it for yourself.

Beyond the beauty of external forms, there is more here: something that cannot be named, something ineffable, some deep, inner, holy essence. Whenever and wherever there is beauty, this inner essence shines through somehow. It only reveals itself to you when you are present.

When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.

Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness. This is the I Am that is deeper than name and form.

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