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Mars in Pisces and other planetary news

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Mars entered the watery sign of Pisces yesterday, where it seeks to adapt and flow rather than assert its own energy. Mars, our aggressive instinct, is rather ineffective in Pisces where though very creative it is less able to assert the desire nature as Mars is supposed to do. Pisces seeks the path of least resistance to bliss, and Mars in Pisces can tend to suppress that aggressive urge in order to flow. There is potential here for passive aggressive behaviors and hidden agendas, particularly with the opposition between Saturn and Neptune still in force. Still, there can be a powerful compassion and desire (Mars) for peace (Pisces) over the next month or so.

Jupiter turned retrograde on April 5, and now there are three planets in retrograde motion. When planets appear to be moving backwards, or retrograde, we tend to go back into the past to finish ideas or events that are not yet complete. It is quite common for there to be three planets retrograde, and at this time we have Jupiter and Pluto which just turned retrograde along with Saturn, which has been retrograde since December. Saturn retrograde periods tend to slow everything down and create blockages in areas where more work is needed, and when Jupiter is retrograde we tend to look backwards rather than forwards, looking back at lost opportunities. Under Jupiter retrograde we may feel that we have lost our way unless we make a conscious effort to deepen our faith in life and spirit.

When Pluto is retrograde we must face unresolved issues from the past in order to move into the future. Because Pluto teaches courage and power it uses our fears as […]

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Mars conjunct Neptune today!

If you’ve been having trouble getting off the sofa the past few days, you’re not alone. Mars, which creates the fire that drives us, made an opposition to Saturn a couple of days ago and is now conjunct Neptune. Neptune, being a watery planet, often puts out the fire of Mars and dampens our physical energy as well as the drives and passions that fuel us to action. Both Mars and Neptune are in Aquarius, where they tend to join in imagination and creativity, but may lack focus and direction.

Mars and Neptune are uneasy bedfellows and can induce a queasy weirdness as Neptune’s misty urge for transcendence makes Mars forget what it came here for. The drive of Mars, along with its passion and urge for action, can become mired in confusion and self-deception when it is buried under the glamour of Neptune’s idealizations.

In an ideal world, Mars and Neptune will unite in a passionate (Mars) compassion (Neptune) for the wellbeing of others, and there is often a desire (Mars) to sacrifice one’s self for a higher good. But the conjunction is just as likely to bring a drive (Mars) for cloaking the truth in an illusion (Neptune).

This is a short-lived transit and will move away in the next couple of days. For those of us (me!!) who are under it’s spell, a practice such as yoga which links the physical energy system (Mars) to a more spiritual one (Neptune) will help to link these energies in a way that’s beneficial and brings out the best of both planets.

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The Jupiter influence: A look ahead at 2007


Jupiter and Saturn have been moving into a trine in the fire element over the past couple of weeks, and this aspect will be exact tomorrow (March 16th). Jupiter is slowing down now and making a “station” as it prepares to turn retrograde in early April. Saturn’s motion has also slowed down as it prepares to turn direct in late April, and meanwhile the two planets will be within a degree of aspect until the second phase of the trine on May 6. The Jupiter/Saturn trine cycle will end next January in 2008, but by then both Jupiter and Saturn will have moved into the earth element which will alter the effect of the relationship between them.

Trines are not often very noticeable because they are easy and comfortable and we tend not to notice our lives until we are presented with difficulty. The energy between the planets flows easily and provides opportunity for the expression of each planet to be enhanced by the other. Jupiter is expansive and optimistic where Saturn is disciplined and works hard to achieve its goals, so the two combined are a very beneficial force for manifesting wonderful changes in our lives.

Saturn is an earthy planet and Jupiter a fiery one, and while they are trine in fire it is Jupiter which is the teacher, bestowing on Saturn the more Jupiterian qualities of inspiration, vision, and optimism which enables Saturn’s discipline and “nose to the grindstone” mentality to find a more expansive expression. When Jupiter and Saturn move into earth signs (Saturn into Virgo in October and Jupiter into Capricorn in December) , Saturn will become the teacher and add a dose of practicality and planning to Jupiter’s sometimes overblown confidence and tendency to take life a little too easily.

Dovetailing with this […]

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The power of fire and air and other planetary news

Robert Wilkinson points out that since Mars left Capricorn at the end of February we have been in a period where all planets are in fire and air signs, except for airy Uranus which is drying out the sign of Pisces, and the Sun in Pisces . The combination of fire and air is combustible and full of inspiration – this is a dynamic where great ideas and visions take shape and we are full of energy. Fire is somewhat self-centered and air is rather remote on a personal level, so this is not a time that lends itself naturally to periods of personal intimacy.

The Virgo Eclipse that we just experienced provided a fair amount of grounding, but now we are moving into a period with four planets in Aquarius including a conjunction of Mars to Chiron that is likely to provide some disruption (Mars) to sensitive places within us (Chiron). Aquarius doesn’t process emotions easily, and Mars would just as soon get over them as deal with them, and with Venus in self-oriented Aries the next week or so leading up to the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces is not the best time for dealing with our interpersonal relations. This is a time of ideas – of invention and innovation.

Venus leaves fiery Aries for the serenity of pleasure-seeking Taurus on the 18th just in time for the Pisces Eclipse which will begin to bring some greater balance. When our relationships (Venus) become stabilized (Taurus), it tends to ground the rest of our lives as well. Taurus tends to put us back in our bodies where we belong, and will make it easier for us to connect with others (Venus) in order to manifest our visions […]

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When does the Age of Aquarius start?

aquariusI was unable to find the source for this image – if you are the artist please contact me.

I’ve been surprised to still find writings that fix the beginning of the Age of Pisces at year zero, roughly coinciding with the birth of Jesus, with the Age of Aquarius beginning in the year 2000. This is a historical fallacy and not based in any kind of astrological or astronomical principle. For one thing, each age is approximately 2160 years. Many astronomers put the beginning of the age of Pisces at 498 b.c.e., indicating entry into Aquarius in approximately 2658 c.e. From Wikipedia:

In 1928, at the Conference of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in Leiden, the Netherlands, the edges of the 88 official constellations became defined in astronomical terms. The edge established between Pisces and Aquarius locates the beginning of the Aquarian Age around the year 2600.

The Austrian astronomer, Professor Hermann Haupt, examined the question of when the Age of Aquarius begins in an article published in 1992 by the Austrian Academy of Science: with the German title Der Beginn des Wassermannzeitalters, eine astronomische Frage? (The Start of the Aquarian Age, an Astronomical Question?). Based on the boundaries accepted by IAU in 1928, Haupt’s article investigates the start of the Age of Aquarius by calculating the entry of the spring equinox point over the parallel cycle (d = – 4°) between the constellations Pisces and Aquarius and reaches, using the usual formula of precession (Gliese, 1982), the year 2595.

This interesting site gives astronomical star maps redrawn from ancient Greek writings to show why this date works. However, because of the lack of clear boundaries between the constellations it is impossible to clearly state a […]

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