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Jupiter Trine Uranus Today

Jupiter in Scorpio makes an exact trine to Uranus today, opening up possibilities and opportunities (Jupiter) for breaking up routines and creating a new way of handling situations (Uranus) that may have become stuck as the result of a standoff between Mars (aggression, personal drive) and Saturn (caution, delays). The square between Mars and Saturn was exact last week, but they are still dancing around each other as both planets are now retrograde (appearing to move backward from earth’s perspective). When the drive of Mars is challenged by Saturn’s limitations, the effect is similar to that of driving with the parking brake on. We may feel hemmed in and unable to move very far.

Mars and Saturn are beginning to separate now, and the Jupiter/Uranus influence that has just come into view will remain in effect through early December. In both our personal lives and on the national and international stages, we are likely to see some relaxing of the tension that has been evident for quite some time. This easing period will permit us to step back and take another look at whatever situation we are stuck in and create a new vision for resolution and completion.

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Saturn Turns Retrograde November 22

Saturn will be turning retrograde tomorrow, November 22. Planetary retrograde motion is an illusion based on the fact that astrological calculations are taken from the perspective of earth. Illusion or not, however, retrogrades have a powerful impact on interactions between humans and bodies of humans such as countries and governing bodies.

Before a planet turns retrograde it slows down to prepare for the turn, and during this period it’s focus strengthens. Compare it to a loud car driving down your street which turns around in front of your house. While it’s turning in front of your house it’s noise will be even louder and more annoying.

Saturn in its more negative guise rules discipline, delay and disappointment, but also grants the gift of reward for hard work. Saturn is currently in Leo, the signs of kings and kingliness, where it is forcing some of our rulers off their pedestals. This is hitting Pres. GW Bush particularly hard since he has Leo rising and several planets in Leo.

When planets turn retrograde, they call our attention to issues that we may have thought were already concluded. Particularly for those of us with planets in the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio), we may find ourselves frustrated with failure to achieve our goals and the need to re-evaluate our plans for the future. Saturn wants us to plan carefully and work hard, but it does reward this hard work with success. This is not a time for overconfidence or gambling which could be a danger with Mars in a dance with Saturn through the end of the year. Mars rules our personal drive, and we may find ourselves thwarted as we try to assert our desires. Taking the time to focus on the hard work will call in Saturn’s aid as we work to achieve our goals.

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Planetary Conflicts Reflect the News

The movement of the planets and the angles that they form to each other produces an energetic effect that influences humans and nations. At the moment there are some challenging formations that are creating pressure for change both in our personal worlds and the global arena.

The planet Uranus is concerned with breaking up old patterns and creating new dynamics. In retrograde motion since June (appearing to travel backwards from earth’s perspective), there has been a slow building of tension as structures that are no longer working begin to fracture. Uranus turned direct on November 18, and suddenly issues of smoldering concern have erupted into the public view.

Mars is the god of war, ruling aggression and the setting of boundaries, and it has just made a square (challenging aspect) to Saturn, which rules social structure and stabilities. Monday 11/21, Mercury (communication), which is retrograde (internalized) will square Uranus (radical change) and the fires of conflict are likely to be stoked. Examples of this in recent news include the chaos that took place in the House on Friday over an incendiary vote over withdrawal from Iraq, and the violent protests on Friday outside the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Busan.

In times like this, discomfort in our personal lives may come from holding fast to the status quo when clearly change is needed. Learning to let go and see things in a different light will be very useful for the next week!

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Welcome to Astrodynamics, a blog about the movements of the planets and how they affect our lives. Astrology is much more complex than the “sun sign” astrology you see in your daily paper: each of us has our own unique blueprint which is the horoscope, and the dance between the earth and the planets, sun and moon facilitate cycles on earth and within ourselves.

In this blog you’ll find daily updates on planetary configurations and meanings, as well as horoscopes of famous people and events in the news. Questions and comments are always welcomed!

This initiatory post finds Mercury in retrograde motion (meaning it appears to move backward). When Mercury is retrograde, communication and mental functions (ruled by Mercury) tend to operate on a more internal or introspective level (retrograde). We often find a breakdown of communication systems such as email or telephones, and machinery may not work as expected. Contractual agreements may become confused and negotiations may be difficult since we may not be able to express ourselves clearly during these periods.

Because of the greater internalization of the mental process and focus while Mercury is in retrograde, it is a great time to go back and finish projects that were started previously. I set this blog up back in May of 2005, and only today publish the first post thanks to the aid of my sister.

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