Introduction to the April Grand Cross

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Unlike recent months which have been full of minor planetary aspects that move quickly and don’t create lasting impressions, April’s big news is the Cardinal Grand Cross which will be building throughout the month but will peak in the middle of the month beginning with the lunar eclipse on April 15th and continuing through the following week.

Some of you will remember back in 2010 and 2011 when there were similar alignments as Uranus and Pluto began their dance and other faster-moving planets joined in.  At that time many astrologers called this dance the “Cardinal Crisis” or “Cardinal Climax” because the planets were in cardinal signs, the signs that initiate the seasons (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  I used the term “Cardinal Drama” instead, because to me this was neither a crisis or a climax but just one stop along the way of personal transformation.  At one point there were seven planets in a nearly exact alignment.

At the core of this drama is the square between Uranus and Pluto (see the sidebar for more information if this is new to you).  This intensely transformational planetary system has been operative since 2010 and in April we have the fifth of seven exact alignments.  Pluto, representing the destructive/regenerative force, turns retrograde in the middle of April so its influence is particularly powerful right now.

In April both Uranus and Pluto join three other planets in a Grand Cross alignment: Mercury and Uranus are aligned in a conjunction in Aries and they oppose Mars in Libra.  Jupiter in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn (see the sidebar for more information about this alignment) and both planets are in a square formation to the other planets.  For a few hours on April 14th the Aries Moon is also involved as it approaches the lunar eclipse on the 15th.

The energy now is a push to awaken from the struggle of the past few years.  The pressure for change is powerful and many of us have resisted the call to surrender the shackles that hold us to the earth (Pluto in Capricorn) and let go to a new energy that is breaking down the old ways so that something totally and radically new can replace it (Uranus in Aries).

Planetary cycles are opportunities for transformation.  It is the resistance to transformation that creates difficulties in our lives.  During this month of intense planetary energy, find time and space in your lives to be aware and awake.  Look at the problems you are facing with new eyes.  Open your mind to the possibility of new solutions that can change your world forever.  And most importantly: surrender your idea of What Should Be.  Generally, we are the co-creators of our lives.  In April 2014, we are being shaped and molded by Universal Wisdom.

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  1. says

    Thank you, Lynn! I too feel like I’d much rather put this powerful energy to good use rather than resist it…besides resistance is futile :-)

  2. says

    Lynn ~ well, wowsa! April seems destined to be fascinating- and since I have a Grand Square ( i believe a fixed square) in my own chart) and with a birthday in April too, I am quaking in anticipation of these cataclysmic events. Does my own square result in a double negative and nullify this effect, or just the opposite? Inquiring minds….thank you!

    • says

      Hi Dorette, it’s hard to evaluate your question without knowing more about it – it really all depends on where your Grand Cross is in your chart. But with a Grand Cross you are an intense person that requires challenges in order to grow, so this Grand Cross will be right up your alley. Also you are no stranger to the energy of the conflict of the Cross formation so it may be easier for you to assimilate and move through it.

  3. diane says

    Hi Lynn, I was wondering if I could ask you a question? I have this dilemma that I would really appreciate your feedback on. Perhaps you could shed some light on this for me. My daughter has a field trip coming up on April 17th and I am uncertain as to how to respond – knowing these heavy aspects will be in place. I was wondering, is this something you would allow your child to do? (I know this is a kinda a weird question, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask.) If you have a chance, I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you so much!!!

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      Hi Diane – it’s not a weird question at all and people do get panicky at times like this. One of my clients wanted to stay home New Year’s Eve because she was so frightened of the planetary energies. That’s kind of like saying an earthquake is coming to one town in Oklahoma so everyone should stay home that day.

      What kind of field trip is it? That date will be past the eclipse, which will be helpful, and there are opportunities for real breakthroughs and awakenings.

  4. diane says

    Thank you so much for your response which confirms my suspicion that, perhaps, I am overreacting. (My daughter sure thinks so.)

    And since you asked, it’s a simple field trip to a baseball game about 25 miles from her school that after reading your reply, I think I will allow her to go to. Again, thanks so much!!!!

  5. says

    Regarding the field trip. I have an 18 year old (with Pluto a bit too close for comfort to her ASC no less) going to NYC in late April, and I’ve thought the same thing knowing the Cardinal Grand Cross was coming. Still I don’t believe astrology (even challenging aspects like this) should be used that way.

    We do have free will.

    But being a Mom, I’ll still worry… I’ll still give her all the warnings and precautions I can… and hope (pray) that’s enough.

  6. roderick2012 says

    I honestly don’t know what the Cardinal square is supposed to means for me.

    I have Uranus retrograde at 14 Libra in the 2nd house.

    At first I thought it would have something to do with my job but it seems that it has more to do with relationships.

    There’s a female who is a Libra sun and she seems to believe that I am the person to rescue her from her becoming a childless spinster.

    I also have a male friend who is a Libra sun who wanted me to visit him even though I visited him last year and told him that the trip cost me over $1000.

    I am trying to figure out how I end up in relationships that always end with me being the person who is expected to be someone’s answer regardless how the relationship begins.

    I have told her that I have no interest in marriage or children although every time we talk that is all she wants to discuss. The other day she told me that no man wants her because she isn’t petite. I was like well who cares.

    She also wants me to engage in this Ponzi scheme (business venture) by joining which requires $500.

    I thought that I could encourage her and it stay platonic but I see that never works with me.

    • says

      Roderick, more information is needed to dissect your situation. Reveal yourself! Although it sounds like you have a pattern of feeling that you have to meet the expectations of others. No judgment here, I am wired the same way.

  7. Nancy says

    These energies are quite intense. You probably do not want to come to my house right now. I have a natal grand cardinal cross – yup right in the mid degrees – involving Uranus (13 Cancer), Saturn, Chiron, and Pallas Athena. My son has Uranus and North node 11 Capricorn and Ascendant and Neptune at 14 Capricorn. Holding on.

  8. Lisa says

    Well this article explained ALOT! Now how to deal with it. Life has had me way to busy to pay attention to anything more than what’s right on my current plate! But, the last few months I have heard myself asking several times “WHY IS THERE SOOOO MUCH FLIPPING CONFLICT IN MY LIFE”. I haven’t had more than idol chat with my sister in 2 months and my Best friend and I just got in a friend altering arguement over NOTHING! I’ve also come to the point in life where I’m ok without the drama of it all! Thank you for the insightful piece <3


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