January Planetary Illuminations are posted

capricorn_zodiacHappy New Year!  You can read the entire article here.  Meanwhile, here is an overview of the major events to get you started for the month.

The New Year begins with a bang with the Capricorn New Moon, featuring a lineup of five planets tightly grouped in the sign of discipline and achievement.  Four of those planets and luminaries (Sun, Moon, Pluto and Mercury) are locked within a two degree range, which is very tight indeed.  The presence of Pluto empowers us to manifest and ground our dreams into reality, and Mercury aids our ability to reason and process through the mind.  For more details about this New Moon see my recent article.

For the first two weeks of January Mars will be in range of a square to Jupiter. When the motivation of Mars is expanded by the confidence of Jupiter, we often feel that we can do anything.  Potential is greater than the present, and our vision is expansive and helps us to reach beyond the limited scope of what we normally believe to be possible.  Still, under this influence there can be a tendency for us to take on more than we can handle.  This is an ideal time to find balance between your homes and dreams and the reality of your abilities.  Mars square Jupiter sometimes nourishing the ego, and when the ego is in ascendancy it can be more difficult to follow the true path.

Venus is retrograde until the end of the month, making this entire month the perfect time to reconnect with old friends and find ways to breathe new life into your current relationships and partnerships.

A week or two into January Jupiter begins to approach an opposition to Pluto that can be powerful in its manifestation potential when Jupiter’s beliefs and positive influence bumps up against the power of Pluto to transform and regenerate.  If we can harness and integrate these two forces, our ideas are nearly instantly converted to form.  However, there is also the danger that our idea of what is possible may be inflated to a point where our ideals explode and we have to begin again.  Jupiter will remain opposite Pluto until well into February.

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  1. Greg F says

    This month is starting out really positive. The planets are all transiting my natal planets in sextiles and trines right now, with an opposition thrown in too. It’s a very creative time for my writing. My friend is 41 but born on October 18 like me, and he wants to collaborate on a rock musical play. Sounds like a fun project for the new year.

    Thanks for the in-depth report as well as the summary here. Very interesting beginning to this year, so far. Hope yours goes as well!

  2. roderick2012 says

    All of this Capricorn energy is in my 5th house while Mars is transiting my second house of money where my retrograde Uranus resides.

    I can only imagine what this means for my bank account.