Pisces Full Moon, September 2013: Magic and Mundane come into balance

fairyThe Moon is full in Pisces on September 19th.  In the Full Moon the solar conscious principle is subsumed by the lunar instincts, and the light of the Moon is at its most powerful.  The Pisces Moon has the potential to take us more deeply into the inner reaches of our own hearts than ever before while the Virgo Sun demands that we find a way to root the mystical experience into a practical reality. Virgo and Pisces are in opposition (180 degrees) to each other.  The signs that are opposite each other are polarities – they are two sides of one coin.  Each has what the other lacks, and if we are able to find balance between them we can get off the seesaw of extremes and find greater integration.  Where Virgo is practical and grounded, Pisces is imaginative and mystical.  Pisces can have difficulty creating the order that Virgo craves, but Virgo often misses the magic that Pisces sees everywhere. In the Full Moon the lunar influence is more powerful, and in this Full Moon Pisces acts as a siren call to open the heart and allow magic to spill out and surround us with grace and beneficence. In the chart of this Full Moon, Mercury (regulating the mind and the way we communicate) is in an exact square (challenging aspect) to Jupiter (expansion, confidence and growth).  Since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces there is strong desire to expand and reach beyond the boundaries of the physical world. We can be more confident under this aspect but there is also the potential for self-righteousness and arrogance regarding our own opinions. With harmonious the sextile from Saturn to Pluto culminating just after the Full Moon the psycho-spiritual wounds that we carry with us (Chiron) are being patiently and diligently resolved through our own efforts and conscious awareness (Saturn).  In addition, while Venus is in Scorpio and uncovering any falsehood in our interactions with others, she  is in a harmonious trine to Chiron, healing our interactions with others and our own sense of self-worth. This Full Moon has the potential to be a beautifully creative time of magic and spiritual realignment and opening of the heart.

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