Lynn’s Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations for August 2013

8/1 Mars trine Chiron
8/2 Venus opposite Chiron
Venus sextile Mars
8/4 Sun trine Uranus
8/6 New Moon 14 Leo 5:51 pm
8/7 Jupiter opposite Pluto
8/8 Mercury enters Leo
8/11 Mercury square Saturn
8/14 Mercury trine Uranus
8/16 Venus enters Libra
8/20 Full Moon 28 Aquarius 9:44 pm
8/21 Jupiter square Uranus
Jupiter trine Chiron
8/22 Sun enters Virgo
8/23 Mercury enters Virgo
8/24 Venus square Pluto
Sun conjunct Mercury
8/25 Mercury opposite Neptune
8/26 Venus opposite Uranus
Sun opposite Neptune
8/27 Mercury sextile Saturn
Venus square Jupiter
Mars enters Leo
8/28 Mercury trine Pluto
8/29 Mercury opposite Chiron
8/30 Sun sextile Saturn
Mercury sextile Jupiter

All dates and times are for the Eastern time zone; please adjust for your own locality.  For daily planetary news, visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.


The month of August begins with the Star of David and Grand Sextile still in effect, though it is waning. You can read more about that configuration here, but it contained an alignment of eight planets including Chiron with a variety of powerful inter aspects. Its effect has been to expand and open up the powerful energies of the bigger and more dynamic alignment (square) between Uranus (radical change) and Pluto (depth and transformation).

We still have a preponderance of the water element which gives us greater access to feelings and our inner worlds, but the air element is lacking. Air gives us perspective and helps us to communicate and process our experiences mentally, so it may be more difficult for us to reason now than at other times.

Jupiter (expansion and belief) is in opposition (180 degree) aspect to Pluto (power and destruction) (read more here) and preparing to square (90 degrees) Uranus over the next few weeks. The square between Uranus and Pluto is a major cycle that will continue into 2015, and the addition of Jupiter into this planetary conflict will heighten and intensify the pressure for change and release. Its effect will vary depending on how our individual charts are affected, but for the world at large there are likely to be increased conflicts over religion and ideology with Jupiter involved.


Mars and Venus come together in a harmonious sextile over the first few days of the month, balancing the masculine and feminine polarities and helping to soften hard edges where necessary. Mars makes a harmonious trine to Chiron on the 1st which acts as an injection of courage and energy to help Chiron’s healing release. Meanwhile Venus is opposite Chiron on the 2nd – that day could require an inner adjustment so that interpersonal issues may be resolved.

A trine from the Sun to Uranus on the 4th makes this a day for excitement and new ideas, a good day for brainstorming or trying something new. This will not be a good day for anything requiring a disciplined focus for an extended period of time.

The New Moon on August 6th is in Leo, signifying an opportunity to begin anew in the celebration of the Pure Self. Leo is the Divine Child – under the Leo influence we are asked to shed our inhibitions and our insecurities and let the light of the soul shine through the personality in all its glory.

The New Moon squares the lunar nodes, which is a bit like an eclipse. In an eclipse the Sun and Moon conjoin the nodes, and a square is a more powerful aspect which intensifies the sense of fate. The nodes of the Moon guide us from the past to the future, so this New Moon has the potential to be a great ally in confronting something from the past so that we can move more freely towards our ultimate destiny.

The Leo New Moon also coincides with the exact opposition from Jupiter to Pluto. We are being stretched to our utmost now to balance our ideals (Jupiter) with the need to let go of anything that does not aid in our ultimate transformation (Pluto). The lunation (Sun and Moon) are trine Uranus which aids us in discovery and opens our Higher Mind to insight and new awareness.

Mercury leaves the sign of Cancer and enters Leo on the 8th and for a few weeks our mental processes turn from the feeling realm of Cancer to the more Self-oriented and exuberant sign of Leo. While Mercury is Leo conversations can become more stubborn and less sensitive, but comedy is king and good humor generally abounds.

Mercury is active over the next few days, forming a square to Saturn which is a good time for worrying out problems or tackling a business issue but can also be somewhat heavy and have a proclivity towards negative thinking for a day or two. Any negativity will lift by the 14th when Mercury makes a trine to Uranus, awakening the mind and electrifying and exciting all of our endeavors.

Venus leaves solid Virgo for Libra on the 16th, enhancing our desire for beauty in our surroundings and adding a bit of good luck. Relationships are more important with Venus in Libra and it is generally easier to find ways to find balance and harmony.

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs on August 20th. Full Moons are times of heightened emotionality, but Aquarius is the sign that is the least comfortable in the realm of feeling. Aquarius is the inventor, the scientist – there can be a disdain for what is perceived as the drama of emotions which makes Aquarius Full Moons particularly interesting.

The Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun in a polarity dance between the solar expression of Self and the more transpersonal and universalist Aquarius influence. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus – In Aquarius we erupt out of the realm of form (Saturn) into something more magical and transformational (Uranus) in order to bear witness to a constantly expanding universe.

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this year, so we have already begun the process of revolutionizing our consciousness. Now we can complete it. A conjunction of the Sun to Mercury helps us to assimilate and communicate our experiences, and an exact trine from Jupiter to Chiron opens us to greater healing wisdom.

Jupiter is also engaged in a challenging square to Uranus which culminates the day following the Full Moon. I will be writing more about this alignment which adds an element of impatience and frustration to the process of change, but with Jupiter and Uranus both being planets of freedom (though they use different expressions to accomplish this goal) a doorway to freeing the soul is opening now. We have only to walk through it.

The effect of the Jupiter alignments will continue into the third week of August, but when the Sun and Mercury both enter Virgo on the 22nd and 23rd respectively there is a turn towards the practical and our focus moves into the realm of the day to day details of life.

Relationships could get complicated between the 23rd and the 28th or so when Venus translates the Uranus/Pluto dynamic and brings the necessity for letting go to transformation into the realm of our personal world. First Venus forms a challenging square to Pluto on the 24th and forces secrets out into the open, and on the 26th she opposes Uranus with restlessness and a desire for new and interesting experiences. On the 27th she squares Jupiter, promoting self-indulgence and a desire for luxury. Venus also deals with money and possessions, so this may be a challenging time for financial markets.

The mind is also active during this time, with Mercury aligning with the Sun on the 24th which clarifies and illuminates the way, followed by a challenging opposition with the Sun to Neptune on the 25th and 26th which proceeds to cast a shadow and mist of obfuscation. The best way to handle this short period is to watch and observe the ebb and flow of energy through your life, riding that boat of serenity through a choppy sea. These are fast-moving transits and will soon be over. However, if you can avoid making a major decision between the 24th and 26th of August it would probably be for the best. By the 27th when Mercury forms a harmonious sextile to Saturn the mind will clear and we will regain our mental balance and clarity.

Mars enters Leo on the 27th which helps to energize us and encourage us to lighten up and celebrate the joy that lies in every moment. Mercury continues to be active: A trine from Mercury to Pluto on the 28th sharpens our mental focus and gives us great insight into important issues and an opposite to Chiron on the 29th pushes us to probe more deeply into areas of concern so that they can be resolved.

August ends on a high note, with a harmonious sextile from the Sun to Saturn which helps ground us and aids in greater focus, and Mercury sextiles Jupiter for a few days of optimism and joy.

A great end to a somewhat intense month! Enjoy.