March 2014 Planetary Illuminations

March planetary illuminations
Art by Lindy Longhurst

3/1 Mars turns retrograde
3/2 Saturn turns retrograde
Venus square Mars
3/3 Sun sextile Pluto
Sun conjunct Chiron
3/5 Venus enters Aquarius
3/6 Jupiter turns direct
Venus square North Node
3/7 Venus square Ceres
3/11 Mercury square Saturn
3/13 Sun trine Saturn
3/14 Mercury trine Mars
3/16 Full Moon 26 Virgo, 1:08 pm
3/17 Mercury enters Pisces
Mercury trine North Node
3/18 Mercury trine Ceres
Venus sextile Uranus
3/20 Sun enters Aries
3/22 North Node enters Libra
Ceres conjunct North Node
Mercury conjunct Neptune
3/26 Mercury trine Jupiter
3/28 Mercury sextile Pluto
3/29 Mercury conjunct Chiron
Venus trine Mars
Venus square Saturn
3/30 New Moon 9 Aries, 2:45 pm

All dates and times are for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality. 

Sorry but the Planetary Illuminations report was on hiatus in March of 2014.