May 2014 Planetary Illuminations astrological forecast

May skywatch5/1  Mercury sextile Chiron
5/2  Mercury opposite Saturn
Venus enters Aries
5/3   Sun trine Pluto
5/6   Sun sextile Jupiter
5/7   Sun sextile Chiron
Mercury enters Gemini
5/10  Sun opposite Saturn
5/11  Venus opposite Mars
Mercury square Neptune
5/12  Mercury trine Mars
5/14  Jupiter trine Chiron
Venus square Pluto
Full Moon 24 Scorpio, 3:16 pm
5/15  Mercury sextile Venus
Mercury sextile Uranus
Venus conjunct Uranus
5/17  Mercury square Chiron
5/18  Mercury square Jupiter
5/19  Mars turns direct
5/20  Sun enters Gemini
5/24  Jupiter trine Saturn
5/28  Mercury sextile Venus
New Moon 7 Gemini, 2:40 pm
Sun square Neptune
Venus enters Taurus
5/29  Mercury enters Cancer
5/31  Sun trine Mars

Dates and times are for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.  


After the intensity of the April Grand Cross, in which the aggressive force of Mars bumped up against Uranus and Pluto, and expansive and optimistic Jupiter opened doorways that perhaps we were not quite ready to be pushed through, the planetary energy in May is much calmer.  The Grand Cross is still in effect because all planets involved are moving relatively slowly, but the intensity is waning.

Mars will be changing direction in the middle of the month, so in preparation for that turn it has slowed down to a crawl and will be virtually stationary throughout the month.  When a planet is stationary its influence is most intense, especially if that planet is affecting a sensitive point in our own charts.  The effect of Mars can vary between a feeling of energy and inspiration, to emotions of rage and frustration, to impulses of intense need and motivation.

The Sun and Mercury are both in Taurus, which craves serenity and stability, and that helps to calm everything down.  In addition, abundant Jupiter with its encouraging positive influence, forms a trine to Chiron and aids in the healing process which ultimate liberates us from the bondage of our wounds and helps us to gain greater realization and wisdom.   Later in the month, Jupiter will trine Saturn, forging stability and linking an optimistic viewpoint (Jupiter) with the ability to work hard and create solid structures (Saturn) – a combination that is the key to successfully navigating life’s joys and challenges.

Mercury (the mind and communication) is active the first two days of the month, with a harmonious sextile to Chiron that helps to facilitate healing, and a potentially challenging opposition to Saturn which can put the mind on edge and create feelings of self-doubt for just a day or two.
Venus enters Aries on May 2nd, energizing our relationships and creating more independence and heightening our need to take our own self-interest into account.

Solar aspects over the next few days create generally beneficial harmony. A harmonious trine to Pluto aids in personal empowerment and letting go of any old remnants that are hanging around us. A harmonious sextile to Jupiter aids in a sense of good fortune and optimism. A harmonious sextile from the Sun to Chiron begins to illuminate the Jupiter/Chiron trine that facilitates emotional healing through understanding and faith. The period between May 3rd and May 9th or so are excellent for personal growth and generally enjoying our lives, despite the Grand Cross which is still in effect and applying pressure where change is needed.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 7th, where it will remain until July 12th, except for a few days when he retrogrades back into Cancer at the end of May. Gemini is Mercury’s own sign, and when Mercury is in Gemini expect quick thinking and mental reactions, a facility for learning new things and a general openness to ideas and experiences.

The opposition from the Sun to Saturn on the 10th is a day to be practical and look seriously at the reality of our lives which will help to offset any negativity that Saturn transits can bring about.

On the 11th Venus (relationships) will oppose Mars (self-assertion), challenging the balance between how we express our own needs (Mars) against our need to be connected and accommodating with those around us (Venus). A square from Mercury to confusing Neptune on that day may make it difficult to know how we really feel about anything. This is a good time for spiritual practice, however – the Mercury/Neptune combination facilitates creativity and meditation.

The fog will clear by the 12th when Mercury forms a harmonious trine to Mars and our thinking is re-energized.

The exact trine formation between Jupiter (expansion and faith) with Chiron (wounding, healing and wisdom) culminates on May 14th. However, on that day Venus makes a challenging square to Pluto, threatening our relationships and bring up any dark secrets or hidden emotions. In addition, the Full Moon is at Scorpio, the sign that is ruled by Mars traditionally and Pluto in the modern schema. Scorpio is passionate and intense, and the Full Moon reveals the hidden truths of our emotional systems.

The Full Moon is aligned with the strictness of Saturn’s lessons to master the material world, making this a serious event indeed.  There will be no opportunity to run or to flee – facing difficult truths is the focus of this Full Moon.  However, the water Grand Trine between Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn is tightening up as Saturn retrogrades back towards the other two, so there is a supportive flow of healing and release that provides the undercurrent to the intense emotional outpouring of the Scorpio Full Moon.

The period between May 10th and the 16th after the Full Moon are fertile for emotional work, relationship processing, and any kind of healing.  On the 15th Venus (relationships) aligns with Uranus (surprise) which can bring interesting people in our lives and unexpected twists in our present interpersonal connections.  In addition, Mercury harmonizes with both of these planets which helps us to remain open to new ideas and ways of looking at the world (Mercury) for a day or two.

The tables turn on the 17th and 18th when Mercury forms a challenging square to Chiron and Jupiter.  Suddenly we may find ourselves worried as Chiron brings out our hidden insecurities and fears, and Jupiter can inspire flight from difficult situations.  Mercury transits last only a day or two but what makes this a little tricky is the fact that Mars is stationary as it prepares to turn direct on the 19th.  During the period between the 17th and 20th it will be important to stay present and aware, mindful of the ebbs and flows of our thoughts and emotions.  Fortunately, the harmonious trine from Jupiter to Saturn underpins all of the smaller more fleeting planetary movements, helping us to expand our sense of the possible (Jupiter) while applying focus and practical wisdom (Saturn) to accomplish great results.

The New Moon in Gemini occurs on May 28th and includes a square from the Sun and Moon to Neptune.  Neptune squares are amazing, creative, spiritually opening.  But they can also create illusion and make it difficult to focus if work is required.  In addition, Gemini itself lacks focus, preparing to explore all of the myriad of experiences that are offered to us at the moment.  The period between the 25th and the 29th and not great times for business applications.  Instead use this time for creative ventures, spiritual retreats, meditation and visualization.  Mercury and Venus are in harmony at the New Moon and during this period, helping us to blend our thoughts and ideas (Mercury) with a desire for peaceful connectedness (Venus) and this combination will help to facilitate our creative side.

Venus enters Taurus late on the day of the New Moon, grounding our relationships and helping to bring us back to earth. Mercury enters Cancer for just a few weeks.  Mercury will turn retrograde on June 7th, so be prepared for reorganization and reflection as May comes to an end.