Planetary Illuminations for October 2013

10/1 Mercury trine Neptune, Sun square Pluto
10/2 Saturn trine Chiron
10/3 Sun opposite Uranus
10/4 New Moon 11 Libra 8:34 pm
10/6 Mercury sextile Pluto
10/7 Venus enters Sagittarius, Mercury trine Chiron
10/8 Mercury conjunct Saturn
10/10 Venus square Neptune
10/12 Sun square Jupiter
10/15 Mars enters Virgo
10/16 Venus square Chiron, Venus trine Uranus
10/18 Full Moon 25 Aries lunar eclipse
10/19 Mars opposite Neptune
10/21 Mercury turns retrograde
10/23 Sun enters Scorpio
10/25 Sun trine Neptune
10/28 Pluto sextile Chiron
10/29 Mercury conjunct Saturn


Although we have the Sun having just moved into Libra, there are no other planets in air signs.  The element of air provides space and equilibrium; air encourages us to gain perspective and to approach our life through reason.  When the air element is lacking we tend to lack objectivity and can get lost in our feelings (water), impulses (fire) and desire for security at all costs (earth).

The square from Uranus to Pluto continues to tighten its noose for the fourth time in a series of seven (please see the sidebar for more information if this is new to you).