Planetary Illuminations for September 2013

zodiac clock9/3 Sun opposite Chiron
9/5 New Moon 13 Virgo 7:36 am
9/7 Sun sextile Jupiter
Mars square Saturn
9/9 Mercury enters Libra
Mars square Saturn
9/11 Venus enters Scorpio
9/14 Venus trine Neptune
Mercury square Pluto
Mars trine Uranus
9/16 Mercury opposite Uranus
9/17 Mercury sextile Mars
9/18 Venus conjunct Saturn
Venus sextile Pluto
9/19 Full Moon 26 Pisces, 7:13 am
Mercury square Jupiter
9/20 Venus trine Chiron
9/20 Pluto turns direct
9/21 Saturn sextile Pluto
9/22 Sun enters Libra
9/26 Venus trine Jupiter
9/28 Venus square Mars
Mercury enters Scorpio


The Grand Trine in water that began earlier in the summer is still in effect as it will be throughout the year, although it will continue to weaken in strength.  This Grand Trine was part of a Grand Sextile formation that dominated the planetary news in August and is waning now, but the harmonious sextile between Saturn and Chiron will continue to tighten as we move towards the next exact square of Uranus to Pluto in November which will help to facilitate our ability to release and let go as the energy continues to shift and realign our lives.  Uranus and Pluto are just three degrees from an exact square (90 degree) alignment, so the force for letting go and rebuilding is certainly still powerful and will continue to build in force over the next couple of months.

Pluto has slowed down to a virtual standstill as it prepares to change direction on September 20th after being in retrograde motion since April of this year.  Pluto travels retrograde for half the year and like all planets, before it changes direction its motion slows to a crawl just as a car does when it is preparing to make a U-turn.  When a planet is standing still, or “making a station” as we call it, its influence becomes more intense as it beams a laser of energy in our direction.  This is more profound if the planet is engaged with our chart in some way, but there is a noticeable general effect.  Pluto is the planet of intensity itself – it can be obsessive and relentless in its drive to uncover the Truth and secrets are often revealed when its influence is strong.

Meanwhile the element of air is under-represented and we are living more from our emotions and intuition (the water element).  Since air is the element that provides objectivity and the ability to utilize reason, while this is a good time to sharpen your intuition and access your feelings, it may be more difficult to see your world from a rational perspective.

September details

The Sun harmonizes with Pluto on the 1st of the month, a transformational day in which we can harness the power of the soul to manifest in the outer world.  However, the Sun is moving into position to oppose Chiron on the 3rd which could bring up self-doubts and wounds (Chiron) to the ego (Sun) so that they can be released.  Both of these planetary interactions are a part of the Virgo New Moon on September 5th.

Virgo encourages us to perfect the human experience.  Under Virgo’s vision we are able to see where various aspects of our lives and the lives of others can be improved and sometimes, Virgo can help us to make those improvements in a practical way that has a lasting effect.  This New Moon is in a trine to Pluto which helps to strengthen and empower our Will and resolve, and the opposition to Chiron facilitates the release of painful emotions that may get in our way.

New Moons are times for new beginnings, and the Virgo New Moon can be the perfect time to begin a new routine of any kind.  Diet plans, organizational strategies, housecleaning routines – these are examples of the kinds of projects that Virgo loves to tackle.  Jupiter (expansion, good fortune)  harmonizes with the New Moon (sextile aspect) which will provide a feeling of abundance and confidence.  However, discipline and some kind of plan will be required because Mars (energy and activity) is in a challenging square to Saturn (structure and hard work) that will culminate just after the New Moon. This configuration sometimes puts road blocks in our way and patience is required in order to achieve the goal.

On the 9th Mercury leaves the sign of Virgo for Libra, and for a few weeks our minds (Mercury) will be less concerned with details (Virgo) and more interested in the way thing relate to each other and how harmony can be achieved (Libra).  The challenging square from Mars to Saturn culminates that day.

Venus enters Scorpio on September 11th, bringing heightened drama and passion into our interpersonal relationships.  We often are more acquisitive when Venus is in Scorpio, and this can sometimes be a busy time for the stock market.

Venus (beauty) trines Neptune (imagination, creativity) on the 14th making this a wonderful day or two for creative projects as well as romance.  Unexpected  events may surprise you since Mars (action) is in a trine to Uranus (innovation) that day, but with Mercury (the mind) in a challenging square to Pluto (obsession and intensity) we will want to use the power of the mind for effective communication rather than to win at all costs.

This mental acrobatics will continue over the next couple of days as Mercury translates the Uranus/Pluto square by interacting first with Pluto and then to Uranus on the 16th. This period from the 14-16th is likely to bring challenging communication and interpersonal problems, although Uranus can also reveal intelligent ways to make changes where they are needed.  By the 17th when Mercury harmonizes with Mars we will be energized and inspired which will help to resolve any problems that may have come up over the previous few days.

Meanwhile Venus is moving into position to conjoin Saturn and harmonize with Pluto on the 18th, and while we may be less social than we normally are (Venus/Saturn) our interactions with others will have more meaning (Venus/Pluto).

The Moon is full in Pisces on September 19th.  In the Full Moon the solar conscious principle is subsumed by the lunar instincts, and the light of the Moon is at its most powerful.  The Pisces Moon has the potential to take us more deeply into the inner reaches of our own hearts than ever before while the Virgo Sun demands that we find a way to root the mystical experience into a practical reality.

Mercury is in an exact square (challenging aspect) to Jupiter, and since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces there is strong desire to expand and reach beyond the boundaries of the physical world. We can be more confident under this aspect but there is also the potential for self-righteousness and arrogance regarding our own opinions. But with the sextile from Saturn to Pluto culminating just after the Full Moon the psycho-spiritual wounds that we carry with us (Chiron) are being patiently and diligently resolved through our own efforts and conscious awareness (Saturn).  In addition, Venus is in a harmonious trine to Chiron, healing our interactions with others and our own sense of self-worth.  This Full Moon has the potential to be a beautifully creative time of magic and spiritual realignment.

Venus is in her ascendancy during the last week of the month.  First the Sun enters Venus-ruled Libra, illuminating the human desire for harmony and balance.  Then between the 25th and the 29th Venus first forms a harmonious trine to Jupiter, a period of great beneficence which will last for a day or two, and then conflicts in a square with Mars on the 28th which has the potential for interpersonal conflicts.  With Venus in Scorpio there can be a reluctance to let go of one’s own righteousness and the harmony that we normally expect from Venus can be difficult to find.  This could be more pronounced when Mercury enters Scorpio on the 28th and our thinking becomes more focused and we express ourselves more powerfully.

During September we see primarily smaller planetary interactions which move through quickly and are less intense.  This is an adjustment period to help us to prepare for the more powerful alignments coming up in the fall.